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    Create your own canvas print at home

    Many people would love to have their most treasured pictures on canvas but might think they have to spend hundreds of dollars at their local printing shop to have it done. This is not so. As long as you have a printer, canvas sheets for the printer, and frames to exhibit them or even double sided tape, you can make your own high quality canvas prints from home in no time at all. Here is how to do this job fairly easily.

    Step One:

    Select the Digital Photo you want to canvas

    The image you want to display on canvas should already be on your computer. For example, it could be an image taken with your phone or digital camera and transferred electronically to your computer. If you don’t have the image on your computer, you will need to use a scanner to scan the image onto your computer. If you are scanning the image, make sure it is over 300 dpi.

    Step Two:

    Get the canvas sheet ready

    Once you have selected or scanned the image or images, you will want to place the canvas paper into your printer. Make sure you set it down as flat as possible against the spot where you would normally place the printing paper to keep it from jamming up.

    Step Three:

    Open the image file

    Once you have the image selected and the canvas paper ready, now you need to open the image file. Choose the printing icon by clicking on it. This will open a wizard box that will walk you through what you need to do to get the canvas printed.

    Step Four:

    Use the printing wizard

    Once you have the printing wizard up, it will show you thumbnails of other images you might want to print on canvas as well. The one you selected should already be check marked and ready for you to go. Click next here.

    Step Five:

    Check the print quality settings

    Follow the instructions that the wizard is telling you to do to get to the settings. Once the settings come up, check them over to make sure they are right for your printer. If everything looks good, click next again.

    Step Six:

    Select the print size and print!

    Once your settings are set correctly and you know everything is set properly, you can now print your image.

    Exhibit your work anywhere you want!

    Now, place a frame or double sided tape on your image and you can now put them up on the walls or on tables to exhibit to everyone. Your friends and family will love what you have done and will want to know where you got them done at. Tell them you did the work yourself and tell them how to do it too.

    If you want more images printed on canvas, repeat these steps over and over for as many images as you would like.

    If you need a print larger than your printer will give you, you will have to spend the money for a large printing company to do the work for you. However, if you are happy with small canvas prints, you can definitely do this yourself.

    About Canvas Prints

    Although canvas prints are normally done at a printing company, they can be done on your own printer. Canvas prints are images printed on canvas paper. They are high quality images that look like professional work even though you did it yourself from home.

    Pros of making canvas prints from home

    There are many advantages of making canvas prints from home.

    Cost effective
    Satisfaction of making them yourself
    A fun project for both adults and children
    Canvas is lightweight and there is less glare since there is no need for glass
    Save money using canvas because you can use the same wood frames that painters use

    Cons of making canvas prints from home

    Although there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of making canvas prints from home.

    Limited to the size of your canvas paper
    Limited to the size the printer will print out
    Might not get the same quality a printing company can get
    If transporting the canvas print, it needs more care than using glass does
    Might not do so great in competition

    Alternative Methods to using Canvas for Digital Images

    There are a few alternatives to printing on canvas.

    Printing on metal
    Double sides printing for in-house albums
    Accent foam board mounting with a finished edge
    Printing on metal

    You should understand that unless you are a professional, you can’t print on metal from home because you most likely don’t have the tools needed. There are printing companies out there that will print your images onto metal such as aluminium. There are also some advantages and disadvantages to having this done.

    Pros of printing on metal

    Provides a striking effect
    Saves you money on framing because it allows you to self-frame
    Very durable
    Best for large prints

    Cons of printing on metal

    Can’t really be done on your own because it is not easy to do
    Gives a glossy surface
    Although doesn’t scratch easily, will lose an edge if you drop it, so be careful

    It would be wise to stick with canvas printing to make things easier and cheaper for you. Although printing on metal might make your image look much better, you will be paying out a decent amount of money for having metal print done for you. This is why canvas printing is so much better, cheaper, easier, and even more fun to do. Also, although you have other options we talked about above; canvas printing is still your best option. Canvas printing paper doesn’t cost a lot of money and if you already have a printer, it can easily be done by you or someone else in your home. This could be a fun project to do with your children. Not only will you be showing them something creative to do but they can take the learning process and pass it down to their own children.

    A special thank you to Rafal Sokol at The Canvas Print Studio for helping us gain a real idea as to how people can develop quality canvas prints in the comfort of their own home.
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