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    Posted August 1, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    "Hey,U.S., We're Out Of Ammo! Can You Send Us More So We Can Continue to 'Defend Ourselves'?", Your Friend, Netanyahu

    "Many American Jews are already distancing themselves in word and deed from a government it sees as arrogant and short-sighted, enslaved to a runaway train of settlement, dismissive of the rights of Palestinians and other non-Jews, cold to the concerns of a sinking middle class and the drowning disadvantaged, contemptuous of the concerns of the larger Jewish community."
    If you're sick of President Obama and Secretary John Kerry prefacing every public statement about the Israeli and Hamas conflict in Gaza with the words, "Israel has the right to defend itself", you're not alone.
    Netanyahu's unwillingness to address the settlement expansion - especially as it strikes at Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects and mocks Washington, is the main cause of this latest conflict.
    And for Israel's leadership to claim they live in fear of Hamas and that is the excuse for murdering innocent children by bombing indiscriminately is the justification of cowards.
    Assad was and is killing civilians in Syria.
    Is Netanyahu any different than Assad?
    But he does this killing with the blessings of the United States.
    Netanyahu says he has the right to preserve his race.
    Does he have the right to commit murder?
    He is no different than Assad.
    These strikes from Israel are not 'pin point' as they claim.
    The action that should be taken should be a police action starting with an investigation of who is responsible for the rockets being fired.
    If New York City police knew of a terrorist in an 20 story apartment building in the center of the city, police wouldn't destroy the entire building and kill hundreds of innocent people to get that terrorist.
    They'd send in the S.W.A.T. team after a thorough investigation was conducted.
    Israel's excuse for killing so many innocent civilians of blaming Hamas makes no sense.
    Israel holds Palestine as an apartheid state, no different than South Africa once did.
    America should stand with the Jewish people.
    But we should demand what is fair for the Palestinians as well.
    Netanyahu and the Likud Party don't have their own constituents best interest in mind as they wage continuous war against Hamas.
    Many in Israel live in poverty because this right wing fanatic spends all Israel's resources on military and not roads and other domestic investment.
    Netanyahu has made it clear that he will never accept a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.
    He continues to build in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
    He rejects the Oslo Accords.
    He refuses to allow Palestinians access to water in their underground aquifer or from the Jordan River.
    Palestinians have had their home bulldozed for simply drilling a well on their own property.
    And the U.S. stands by and says little.
    The Palestinians that support Hamas do so because they supply them with much needed medical supplies and other important things they need because of the Israeli blockade of the borders.
    "At the same time, many American Christians have conflated what it means to be pro-Jewish with what it means to be pro-Israel. In other words, a loud group of Evangelicals preoccupied with the Apocalypse have force fed us a narrative where to be pro-Jewish means to be pro-Israel, and to be pro-Israel means to stand by any actions Israel deems necessary for her own “survival.” This they see as a natural unfolding of Biblical prophecy."
    It is not.
    For anyone to see what is going on to innocent people and to say nothing, well,...
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke
    The U.S. Government already has the blood of innocent civilians on its hands from the countless deaths by our drone attacks.
    So what's a little more blood on our hands for sending 'our friends' more bullets and bombs to kill a few more Palestinians with their 'pin point' strikes.
    Everyone has the right to defend themselves.
    We get that.
    But who holds one side in apartheid? Builds illegal settlements and blockades basic human necessities?
    Who started this? And why?
    What Netanyahu is doing is no different that what we did to Native Americans.
    We took their land and when they fought back, we claimed we had the right to defend ourselves and killed them for trying to stop us.
    It's called ethnic cleansing, or euphemistically, "The right to defend ourselves".
    It was wrong to do it to Native Americans and it is wrong to do it to the Palestinians.
    Netanyahu's statement of, We're just defending ourselves' really amounts to no more than him‘shooting fish in a barrel'.
    Now he's out of ammo and needs the U.S. to send more? And the U.S. has said yes?
    Are you kidding?
    Don't use this American's tax money to send weapons to Israel.
    We already paid for their Iron Dome with our tax dollars when we can't afford to do more for Americans in need.
    And we see that they really don't feel that threatened by Hamas rockets because they didn't see the need for their airport to be closed, did they.
    Netanyahu is a liar and a murderer.
    Then his government calls out Secretary John Kerry for his efforts to end the conflict?
    Netanyahu doesn't want to stop. Gaza has some great ocean front property that would look great with condos on it.
    It's a land grab, so let's drop the pretenses and call it for what it really is.
    Our politicians are just afraid to say what they believe because they don't want to lose AIPAC's money.
    Who says foreign money doesn't influence our politicians.
    That influence in Congress got Israel a free Iron Dome so they could kill without worry, didn't it?
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