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    Posted August 2, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Ongoing Gaza Strip conflict hot topic on social networking sites

    Aug. 2, 2014

    Philippine Catholic educator suggests
    expulsion of Israel from United Nations

    Also calls on Manila to break
    ties with Tel Aviv

    Moro youth appeals for peaceful
    resolution, end to fighting

    MANILA, Aug. 2, -- An influential Catholic educator in the Philippines, the head of the Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) in Mindanao, has suggested calling for the expulsion of Israel from the United Nations because of its "brutality" and "inhumanity" against the Palestinian people.
    ADDU president Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J., made a series of comments in his Twitter account concerning the latest conflict between the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the militant Hamas organization.
    His followers, 11,200 just before he started tweeting his observations on the Gaza fighting has now jumped to 13,100.
    The ADDU president has strong words for Israel.
    "Work for the expulsion of Israel from the United Nations. Such brutality has no place in the community of civilized nations," one of his tweets goes.
    Tabora also called for the Philippines to cut diplomatic ties with Israel. "Our nation should break diplomatic ties with Israel in protest against its inhumanity."
    On the other hand, he said the Philippine Congress should come up with a "resolution of indignation and protest" against the violence being committed by Israel.
    He acknowledged that the response of Hamas through its rockets targeting centers of population in Israel "is also a wrong response to antecedent cycles of violence and hysteria."
    "But nothing warrants the level of indiscriminate bombing and indiscriminate killing of innocents by Israel," he stresses.
    Saying the streets of Gaza are littered with corpses of Palestinians, Tabora said he grieves for those murdered non-combatant men, women and children.
    "Their lost lives and blood weigh heavy on our collective conscience," he says.
    The ADDU president's tweets about the conflict in the Middle East include:
    -- "This kind of state-sponsored brutality disqualifies Israel as a member of civilized nations."
    -- "The relentless bombing and killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza is disgusting and unconscionable. Nothing justifies this."
    -- "American support for Israel (is) incomprehensible considering its 'dedication to the proposition that all men are created equal'."
    -- "The UN participation (of Palestine) created an Israel whose brutality today is monstrous and warrants expulsion from the UN."
    Not a surprise, @IDFSpokesperson's tweets are generating pro- and anti-replies.
    Examples, word for word:
    @IDFSpokesperson: Hamas constantly fires rockets from civilian areas. Here are just a few examples (youtu.be/IUrDAEgisXM).
    And some of the replies:
    @bowen45bean: finish Hamas. Don't stop until the job is complete. Shabbat shalom.
    @trophyscarves: Lies! Stop make new settlements in the west bank. Why are you suppression the Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp?
    @SkyFelix Music: @trophyscarves What in the world are you talking about lol.
    @writeintherye: If a bank robber took hostages would you kill everyone in the bank's neighborhood to be sure you got him. You are an idiot.
    @Air2Vent: #Hamas or Ham's Ass is #Evil
    @swissmissme: Bomb all the areas that have all their Rat tunnels: ship all of them then2a place faraway from Israel&GAZA-they(heart)DEATH.
    @MikePrysner: did they fire from any UN shelters you keep deliberately targeting?
    @Johnny_Simon: Yes they did. Hamas deliberately do that to try get their own civilians killed. Then idiot like support them.

    Relatedly, here is the full statement of YMPN, an organization composed of Muslim Filipino professionals:

    YMPN Statement calling an end to violent attacks of Israel to Gaza and support to peaceful resolution of Israel-Gaza conflict

    July 15, 2014

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

    We, the Young Moro Professional Network (YMPN), call for a peaceful resolution and an end to violent attacks of Israel to Gaza amid the Holy Month of Ramadhan. We pray for compassion, mercy and understanding between and among peoples in the midst of the socio-political tensions across the world. On this blessed month, let us forgive, share and unite to achieve peace for all.

    We call on our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to come together in the spirit of our belief in one God (tawheed) and one global Muslim community (Ummah). We appreciate empathy from our sisters and brothers of equally respected faiths as we share the common teaching that “no one is a true believer unless he/she wish for others what he wish for himself/herself.”

    We at the YMPN, adhering to the universal values of human rights such as respect for diversity of culture and religions and holistic peace condemns the vicious cycle of attacks against the innocent children and the defenseless people in Gaza. We call for ceasefire. We seek for humanity. Such violence begets violence. Perpetration of violence should not hide in the guise of self-defense.

    Moreover, we commend the efforts of various organizations, government institutions and individuals who have given humanitarian aid and have called for a peaceful resolution in Gaza. It is a blunder to world peace if other nations play blind and deaf on the sufferings and anguish for peace and justice in Israel-Gaza conflict.

    Hence, we call on our fellow youth, civil-society and faith-based organizations to engage in dialogue and to lobby the international community to take serious and bold steps to resolve the centuries-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is always a way, if there is a Political WILL.

    Also, we call on the concerned parties, Israelis and the Palestinians, TO RESUME the PEACE TALKS on an ACCEPTABLE, FAIR, and DEMOCRATIC RESOLUTION creating a genuine and far-reaching solution towards an end to the sectarian violence and sporadic armed confrontation. In this regard, the recognition of the Palestinians’ quest for their Right to Self-Determination leading to a “two states” resolution or a Federal system is seen as a viable resolve. We support them as we the Bangsamoro people in southern Philippines share the same aspiration for right to self-governance, justice, and peace through a genuine autonomous government.

    Again, we urge our fellow peace-loving advocates and citizens of the World TO STAND TOGETHER in the spirit of LOVE, PEACE, and HUMAN DIGNITY.


    God willing. #
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