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    Posted August 2, 2014 by
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    Protests around the world

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    Cities blighted by poverty, and ruin brought on by crime, from corruption in the highest offices in the land. World growth in jobs in stagnation.
    Violence, wars, corruption are the causes of ,loss of confidence in leaders ship of global economies stand in ruins.
    Despair grips people hearts, as the turmoil, turns to chaos and anarchy. Bands of criminals, including, the military, the police and law men, become as bad as criminals who feed from the ruins of a decaying society. Trust in any form of leadership is lost on deaf ears and the governments fall one after the other.
    Punishment is now ripe in all areas of society.
    Case in point, anyone or anything can be bought for a price of silence. No one is immune to this sweeping decay. People literally live off one another ill gotten gains.
    This is the great harlot Babylon the Great.
    Loss of respect for law and order are gone.
    This is all due to Hollywoods spewing out this kind of role models in their never ending quest for riches, fame. To their everlasting shame. Morals go out the window. Respect for elders or peace is lost on deaf ears. Graft and corruption, become a part of daily life. Morals are lost on the young as they ignore them to the shame of their parents, as roll models. Who act and roll play the immorality on the TV and movies screen diet of violence, profanity, and immorality. I dare not mention the programs, as Hollywood would rage against me as was done by those in the past. When freedom of speech goes out the doors, true justice goes with it and morality rules.
    The cities will be torn asunder by Gods Justice and wrath as he unleashes, plagues, and torrents of storms, earthquakes, all manner of destruction upon the earth. The signs are ever where. The reflect his anger at mankind who has not repented. Mankind worships at the feet of wealth, fame, anything that get applause or kudos from their fellow evil doers.
    Enough, stop the evil, lies of horror. These films, of vile evil despots who glorify evil as good and good as evil. Destroy all these films.
    You will see, Gods wrath abate, start behaving, with Love, Compassion, Sympathy. Towards your fellow humans, treat with respect, kindness, do not overt your eyes from a stranger who is suffering. If not for the grace of God you might become one with them. You have but moments in the prophetic clock of time left to change before. He destroys all things you love and worship at the feet of.
    Repent, service the true maker of all thing.
    Stop your idolatrous behavior, start anew.
    It's never to late to repent, start now, for you know not if you have a tomorrow. Block all programs on TV of evil nature and don't go to those tempters of your hearts and souls. Stay away from movies of this same nature of immorality. Boycott all forms of entertainment that titillates tempts you away from righteousness and service to you creator.
    If you ask why should you, think on this. Anything you love more than God in heaven above is taken away from you and you are diminished until your broken and ready to serve him as the one true God the Father, maker and creator of mankind.
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