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    Peaches Geldorf's Tells Her Side of the Story

    The photo is for Thomas Cohen, Peaches Geldorf’s husband. Her comments were for him at first. She asked him to begin to teach the children to ‘see’ her on the inner plane. It is not so hard to do and responds satisfyingly to practice. You just teach the child to look between the layers, just over the eye line of the physical ‘straight ahead sight lines’ but like between the blinds or under the flap of an envelope at first. She tells me her older son is strangling inside from her absence and for Dad, Tom Cohen, to lie in bed and practice this 'squinting' to see Mum in her hi plane will grow to delight him on a level that nothing else may.
    Lady Diana who had been beside Peaches tonight, added that you could teach him to look into ‘the smooch place’ where he and Mommy used to smooch or kiss or hug. It’s not quite there but if you can do that, it’s kind of on the same line of slightly near, in the reality our eyes are used to searching in. Make him search for it Tom. Peaches said to give it a month or two and it’s a comfort to talk about Mum then and tune into her.
    Peaches said quickly you might be surprised how quickly he picks it up. It might take him only a few months practicing every night to see something strong and real there.
    “Kids have greater access to those high dimension vision sensing brain cells so let them free and something really great may happen. I heard Steve Jobs contribute this.” Steve Jobs is my main person from the after world I work with today. Go to the Facebook page of him 'Steve Jobs and Garlanda' and see what we choose to talk about the two of us. It’s kind of current affairs psychic talk.
    He's the one behind the first big business venture to open the higher dimension for our incoming spaceships and our dead to return. Just a matter of time Tom he said.
    “Now Tom,” she went on, I want him to enjoy this and it’s got to be a fun family session on the bed. But I think the first time he repeats something I am saying to him, you will all cry. Make Phaedra watch and listen too. After a while this heals the boys and they just get used to visiting this place just beyond the physical air of the bedroom to visit Mummy. But I want you to know Tom that we know it is possible for a planet to open these two dimensions, as a function of launching the interstellar spaceships that go in the inner dimension travel much faster than the speed of light.
    Peaches spoke more, saying, “I used this phrase speed of light because I remember you called me something like this once. Was it you said I was a Princess on the Speed of Light?” I am happy for you to be in contact with Garlanda Thomas and want to you to understand we people of heaven can clearly come back. I don’t want to sound like a loony. It is an inevitable step of a first corporate group of psychics that our interstellar spaceships will use to guide them across the vast distances between the stars. If you can imagine just checking in with a psychic to find out left or right t the next turn travelling a road route then we put ten psychics onto the first group of spaceships out there trying to find their way here. Of course there's a lot roe to it than that.
    Now when they get here that’s when we in heaven get to come out because stepping through this higher dimension to us here is exactly what their technology can do as normal so it will be as normal for us to return to you.
    And I had a comment for my father Peaches said. You will know that it is true after about three months of the first operation of this dimension bridge building enterprise we want to build. So dad I want to come back. I need a lot of money for it. Can you do a concert?" she said." I can help you get the bands Dad.Go and tell them about me."
    Therefore my darling Tom I am asking a big thing of you. Can you wait for me to come back, my darling man, "Peaches said. Can we talk together in bed at night even if you have to get the kids to say what I’m saying to you. I will be there at bedtime every night and I promise when I come through I will never touch heavy drugs again. I’ve had enough Bob. And it wasn’t really the heroin that killed me. It was the lethal combination of drugs and mainly the heritage of weak heart left to me by my mother, to say nothing of Dad’s Mum that died at forty-one from a sudden brain haemorrhage. That’s bad heart too. Honestly it was two bad hearts that did it. And I'd like my sister Trixie to have this too."
    Lady Diana said, sounding very definite that even addictions are caused by an oversensitive heart brain function that leaves a hollowness we can sometimes perceive as a paleness or an anaemic look. Ever heard that expression pale addicts? It’s a truism. The heart is so tired of dealing with the constant cravings. And in my case with two children and a show constantly on the go the heart actually gave out in the heady moments of that big high. And in a Mum's case there is complete exhaustion with two young kids and it could be a period to drain her too. Another thing I can mention that would have affected me is lack of water. I woman who is another like me should be drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. Make yourself drink three or four glasses of it before you have that first culpa in the morning.
    Well here I am in the big high and using all my steely determination to survive here. It’s not an easy world Tom and it’s not because of sinners. We sinners are likely to survive if we interstellar psychics can make the dime ion open like all spaceship crew members can. and I made my vow to survive the night I got up here. God gave me that chance. I felt it as a big kind of male presence in the air above me but you could never see it. So that was a disappointment for a start. But I did say looking God straight in the face, I promise to keep myself ‘alive’ up here for my two sons until I can return.
    “Now I’ve been up here for a few months and I feel like an old hand. Your Princess Peaches wonders what you make of that statement about 'an old hand' Tom? “Please darling,” she said. I find I can’t guarantee to keep myself alive here for more than three months at a time. I can promise I will be alive for at least three more months. Then I don’t know. But yes Tom I can promise we will still be attracted to one another when I come back. It’s all down to the millions and millions of dollars it takes to fund a good group of the high tech psychics. You see they can make a spaceship open the high dimension anyway. The ones around here wouldn’t as they’re all owned by organized criminals. And Tom I promise you will still love me when I come back and we will twine our arms around each other. I can’t get over you and I still get a kick out of you Bob,” the beautiful Peaches Geldorf said.
    Here's another thing I'd like. Call it the Peaches weldor Review. If we can get a trust to pay for the parents whose kids are just across the border and while the psychic dimension wall dismantlers are at work can you come along and bring the children. I was one of the people up here who proposed to have a public fund to pay for the travel of all the parents who lost kids in the Malaysian Flight MH17 to come along and watch our group of psychics progressively build that opening seen in golden white light to this higher world from which all our souls have permission to leave and come here. I mention the three kids of Anthony Norris and Rin Maslin from Perth who perished recently. Their Grandmother has already been contacted hoping to pass along their words to their parents. Well only the youngest boy got to speaks far. but if the kids up here know one the a planets are conning to review our high dimension opening work they will be screaming excited for days beforehand."
    The trouble is people believe heaven is forever and the irony is that heaven is not forever, it’s a temporary holding place where people will make up their mind where to reincarnate. It’s too filled with nothing to stay around forever and it requires a teeth gritting effort to stay up here knowing you can’t eat, there’s no computers and activity is high and bounteous but not like living next door to neighbours and paying off the mortgage," she said.
    "So in fact I want to say that heroin didn’t kill me. Not on its own. I am part of a heroin generation and you know we will all, even Phil Seymour Hoffman, get to come back to life here when we open this higher dimension tuning into the spaceships' technology with our earth psychics and with God’s blessing. I mean after all what is an addiction really. It’s an addiction. It’s an unfortunate body weakness. Should we christen it a sin? No way. I hate to do it to my kids but all the addicts I know who have children wished they weren’t addicts. You can’t help it Tom. I started to young. My mother didn’t have the strength. Some heroin addicts are strong. I wasn’t. I believe I said that to you once Tom. I am a weak heroin addict. They are generally girls and they generally die young, although Phillip Seymour Hoffman had the same uncanny pale look. Weak heart. Too much adrenaline in a junkies life. The heart's walls can't stand it. You think every time adrenaline rushes past the skin it scalds it. Heats beat best in a gentle fertile environment. It's a big complex organ to keep healthy. In our case for Dad and everyone, It’s a set of the usually British sensitive genetics that leave a body panting for oxygen in an emergency high from drugs situation. So adrenaline. So anyway Honey, I shall come back without an addiction and please tell my sisters and my Dad. Yes my sisters, I know I died of heroin dose technically but it’s a case of heroin plus what? I don’t have the reserve of strength with my frail pale feminine body. But I was too young to know it.”
    “I bitterly realize it now. Please remember that, you old biddies in England media. Nobody knows how physically weak they are to the onslaught of these serious drugs at age twenty-five. I’ve seen lots of people take more drugs than I did. You’ve got to think how much more frail my body was than my mother’s with the two bad heart genes inherited. Garlanda realised it was a weakness of the heart that had happened when I was about seventeen, eighteen.Something shocking and frightening. Might have been a near overdose. But I should have realized. I honestly didn’t think I was playing around with death. I tried to be so careful. I want to cry now. We don’t up in heaven. We ball. Now make what you can of that Lisa Williams,” she said.
    Lady Diana ended with another hint for learning the higher dimension seeing skills. “You can pretend you are a blind man in dark glasses without closing your eyes, but see this way. It’s one of the ways you can disconnect your Earth physical sight to kick start you inner after life dimension sight. And from the end Lady Diana wanted to say we all have a more radical side than we generally like to talk about in England. The radical, I heard God say the other night, will save the world.
    Signed, hoped you all enjoyed this.
    Lady Di and Peaches Geldorf. And me Garlanda on mobile Aussie 0061 (0) 478612719 or contact me on email eve.hirise@iinet.net.au
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