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    Posted August 3, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Donate? Democrats Need A Couple of Billionaires Because the Middle Class is Broke

    "Keep the Senate BLUE. Help Senate Democrats Pass Obama's Agenda!"
    "Help the DNC take back the House!"
    "Kay needs your Help!"
    "You won't believe what Karl Rove is doing now."
    "House votes to Sue Obama!"
    American Democrats get it. We understand what's at stake for us.
    We just don't have the money to give to the extent that you'd like so we can't.
    Food costs have risen, as has gas, rent, insurance premiums, and bank fees.
    We're told that inflation is under control and it probably is if you're making a $100,000 a year in income.
    Or, rising prices don't hurt your ability to donate that much.
    Democrat supporters have a lot of questions about the upcoming elections.
    Did Democrats fight hard enough to push forward their progressive agenda when they had control of the Congress before the GOP took it away in 2010?
    Why wasn't a public option included in Obamacare?
    If Harry Reid can change the rules for the filibuster regarding appointees for judges, why didn't he for legislation that needed to be passed.
    The continued spying on Americans by the NSA and drone strikes on civilians wasn't addressed by Democrats so they must agree with this. Right?
    Where do our donations go? And what proportion is given to the candidates and what portion goes to "administrative expenditures for raising the money"?
    There are few voices in the Democratic Party that are raised for the middle class.
    Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are two.
    Where are the rest?
    Democrats see the 'too cozy" relationship with Wall Street and the refusal to address the corporate loop holes in tax law that forces the middle class to pay the difference.
    And what is our money used for?
    To elect someone that will further our interests once the candidate takes office or to do what ever they damn well feel is in their own interest? And their biggest contributors.
    Yes. Democrats are being barraged with requests to 'keep the GOP in check".
    But who do we vote for to keep you in check?
    Is there a viable third party, Working Families Party candidate that will fight for those that really need the help and opportunity?
    Give me and millions of other Democrats the reason to believe that Democrats are going to actually work to change the corrupt way our government works and maybe, as broke as we are, we might be able to squeeze out a few more bucks to help you get elected.
    But ...we see that every crisis is used to 'rally the base for donations" and we wonder if more could be done.
    Republican voters are also being asked by their party to donate. They are more easily persuaded than liberals.
    Progressive rely on facts.
    Voters that support the Democratic Party have been bombarded with requests for campaign donations.
    Donate $3 to someone I have barely heard of that is fighting for his life against Americans for Prosperity in the Great State of Montana?
    First, Democratic voters want to hear that candidates are fighting for our lives not their own.
    And until you can prove to voters that you actually will do what you promise and give a damn about the well being of the middle class, the Democratic Party had better find a couple of billionaires of their own like what the GOP has found to fund their campaigns and think tanks.
    More importantly, find a campaign manager that can write the script, bundle the money and co-ordinate the efforts like what hired guns, Frank Luntz and Karl Rove do for the GOP.
    Offer them more than does the GOP to jump ship.
    There is nothing ideological about Luntz and Rove. It's about the smell of the cold hard cash for these guys.
    So hire them and maybe then you could send us a few less requests for donations. Liberty
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