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    Ebola and other Viruses Designed to Kill

    Ebola and other Viruses Designed to Kill

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    They say the Ebola virus was first discovered in the Congo Nation of Africa in 1976. They say there is no antidote to it, but I will reveal something about the Illuminati and how viruses are created, so that you understand how the people on this planet are just being played upon.

    When they create something to kill people with, it is based on the principle that too much of anything will kill you and the elimination of an element from a compound can change its molecular structure, making it unidentifiable. This can often created something unknown to the scientific community. The change of molecular structure can also create a new but unknown compound, that can take one compound that could become lethal after drinking 5 gallons to something that can kill with one milligram, that can become diluted back to 5 gallons to become non lethal and therefore not be a poison to your body, once this element is reintroduced to reproduce the original compound. This would the antidote.

    The idea is that diseases are created after the antidote is known and not the other way around. Then they begin a process of 20 years of research to find this antidote and create a patent on the drug once it is released based on all this research investment capital that was necessary to cure the disease they created. Forcing the government to pick up the tab of billions of dollars in healthcare cost.

    But because mankind is so blind, we think these diseases are coming for you God out of Heaven and not the God of Earth Satan. Who uses these tools as a means to keep you broke and make sure the population is pleasing to his order. For example, they just passed a $17B Veterans Healthcare budget. This game is very lucrative as long as you have people with the right degrees and credentials and it comes with little investment capital, while it is designed to absorb research funding for long periods.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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