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    Is the understanding of beauty correct ? What is Real Beauty

    People who do not have good looking body in their own estimation feel very guilty and sad to associate with others. They do not have any clue why they feel like that and if there is a solution to it. The feeling gets worse if someone lets them know that their body is ugly or they are deprived of certain liberties because of their looks. There is a worldwide problem rooted in misunderstanding of beauty and ignorance of our true identity.

    Being unaware of the truth of the existence, people give their own idea and false solution to be happy. They suggest many ways to become beautiful. It has become the best way to make money by making people beautiful which they think will give us satisfaction and happiness. Many centers are running to help people lose their weight. People run to parlors to make themselves look beautiful, dedicated part of the income goes for the cosmetics. No one gives a second thought for the plastic surgery if that is to make someone beautiful. Some positive thinkers say it is just your own beliefs which makes you happy. Think yourself as beautiful, you will be happy.

    However, they do not understand that all these are not a real solution as they do not have any idea about the real identity. Even the most beautiful person loses his/her beauty at their old age or when someone faces an accident. All these beauty and happiness is temporary. The truth of our physical look cannot be hidden even though the positive thinkers ask to think ourselves as beautiful.

    The understanding of our real identity will help us to get the real and permanent solution to this. The ancient scriptures answers the question Who Am I? It says with clear description and example that we are not this body but this is just a covering to our real identity: the spirit soul or atma. We are not matter at all. This material body is just a vehicle for the atma. We are the eternal spirit soul spark of the supreme soul temporarily in this beautiful/ugly body. I am not this body Rather I am a spirit soul and I have a body. When we are aware of our real identity, the beauty of the body becomes very irrelevant.

    When someone gets a complete understanding and realization that we are not the body, then all these bodily or physical ugliness won’t be a cause of sadness. Body is the covering of the spirit soul, the way we use the clothing as a covering to our body. We never get worried when our shirt gets dirty because we know that is not our self or identity, we can change that anytime. Similarly the material body is not the self but the spirit soul which exists eternally is the real identity.


    The example of a person’s death will make one clear about this. When someone dies, he/she leaves the body and the body made up of flesh and blood gets into its simple form. But the spirit soul never dies. The spirit soul exists for ever.

    When we understand from the ancient yoga scriptures, our real identity as the spirit soul, the spark of the supreme soul it’s easy to realize the beauty of the self.The beauty of the spirit soul is ever lasting which never gets fade with time.

    The goal of yoga is to have a deep relationship with the supreme soul but not to achieve the physical beauty. When a person practices authentic meditation & yoga they feel the inner happiness and peacefulness which reflects on their face.


    Being very satisfied within, the person becomes very loving and caring to others .The reflection of the inner beauty makes the person look beautiful and attractive.

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