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    Posted August 2, 2014 by
    Cherrypoint, North Carolina
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    sex scandall

    A lot of times i sit down and contemplate all of this and why was so nessesary to do something to a us service member and to do something so inhumane and cruel. But yet the marinecorps wanted to make a point to this marines for a bunch of crap he had no knowlege of and nobody told him anything about it. But apparently Cpl salgado Lebron needed to change because he was apparently a very abusive individual and he wasnt even abusive or cruel but you have the marine corps throwing everything they can at him them you have the Hartford police department thinking because he became a marine they can do whaever they want. The hartford police department even think they can use and kill him to they can provide for whoever they feel. The marine corps wants to talk about self sacrifice and this is what it takes to be a marine but a sacrifice made for the safety of your country and your nation and to sacrifice a marine so you can provide a bunch of crazy people
    withmonetary compensation for crimes he did not committed is a nother thing.

    This is actually called attempt of murder fraud against the united states of america and them robery but thats ok because the Marine corps is using some bullshit excuse of how he raped a bunch of women this their excuse to their behavior. Them on top of everything lets save a pedophile and a child predator because Cpl salgado lebron does not want to be with a woman of their choice.But what happened marine corps werent you all going to kill cpl salgado lebron for not being nice to your crazy female marines werent you all going to kill him for not being with the woman youall wanted him to be with what happened why dont you all go to hisl house and kill him. By the especial agent Sara Helen Griffing and her partner are from Nas Jacksonville FL not from the show stupid. If you all knew the actual reality of it all this show would not be on the air at all. This what they all knew cpl salgado Lebron did not committed all of this crimes but the is the excuse
    of NCIS CID and the police Department her husband died in a car accident. them from there they are going to give another cheap excuse and another cheap excuse. This is another cheap excuse to the Marine corps CPL salgado Lebron Is not a man of power and he is going to pay the Marine corps for whatever they want. Them you have all of this retarded agents and do you all realize what they wantthey want to put cpl salgado Lebron in a jail cell for 30 years just for insulting them. What were they all expecting respect after they did all of this bull shit to him all of this federal agents should have been in jail in the first place for preaching Morals in their underwear.

    Thes marine have said all of this bullshit them after Burning Cpl salgado Lebron they expected fear and respect after they all went and delivrately endanger his life and the life of his family. After everyone them decided that Cpl salgado Lebron had to be devoted to a woman force thats for including for including using lethal force if they have to do so seriously only a crazy person would think this is a good idea. Them you have the North carolina Police department and guess what they have said is not a good idea to say no to a female marine is not agood idea not to please her is not a good idea not to want her. Even if Brillene M Bowser had honey all over her discusting body Cpl salgado lebron would not want her. But theres the north carolina police department lets use a bunch of false rape charges to force him back to her so he will not have any other choice like the police department scares him not the police does not scare him or the judge or at
    allor the federal agents they all contaceted and no he is not scared of the police chief why they are all mentally retarded and freaking and they all thinking they have unlimited power.

    Guess what they were about to do to cpl salgado Lebron the marine corps was planning on killing him and them lay him to rest next to samantha Jo Gibbs husband so she can have two kills instead of one. So many plans The marine corps had for CPL salgado Lebron And none of them had anything to do with serving the united states of america or the military they were personal interest which cpl salgado lebron doesnt even care about. Them the north carolina plice department wants forcefull colaboration from cpl salgado lebron intimidation and treats and them want him to sing all kind of bull shit documets to let other people take care of him and have custody of him but yet they want cpl salgado lebron to beforce in to all of this. Them you have the Marine corps making decisions and what did they all decided to do well cpl salgado lebron is not allowed to have a vehicle untill he wants the female marine we want him to be with. No cpl salgado lebron has no
    right to have a lawyer present or to represent him in the courtroom.

    But yet the whole entire command reported to the whole entire facility that cpl salgado lebron had committed a rape and they all needed to know everything he was doing 24/7 everything needed to be reported to the command but
    they never say one freaking thing to cpl salgado lebron them they are all expectim to be more gentle and reasonable. Why should he be The marine corps went and reported a lie and then they are demanding respect with a bunch of lies. Them the marine corps wants cpl salgado Lebron to just let it go and let them be he has been letting it go for 4 freaking years and they have never once left him alone and he just kept letting it go. But yet you have the Biggest piece of shit military Branch in the united states of america very confidently making accusations agaisnt cpl salgado Lebron about him ripping butholes apart and raping little girls whats up marine corps why are you all refusing to go to the courtroom and why are all of them trying to conceal your crimes against him.Them you have the same officers which have emailed CNN to stop cpl salgado Lebron from putting them in a jail cell which is where they all should be in the first place. Note to Cnn
    Publish the story the united states Marine Crops is trying to Concealed their lies and crimes against Cpl salgado Lebron is not on the run he has never been on the run.

    Everyone of this police officers federal agnets detectives police have offered everything that belongs to cpl salgado lebron for including his Career. They even offered his career to his ex girlfriend in south america so they can bring her to the united states of america. but yet through all fo this they want him to be respectfull patient give them common courtesy they want to keep fideling with his work so he wont be able to make any money to get a lawyer. They want to rape him destroy him destroy his career slander manufacture evidence accused him of everything they feel like so they can psychologically change him to a rapist and on top of it they want to use his kid force him to be respectfull to him why would he not open fire on local law enforcement look at what you all have done why should he repsect any of you.

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