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    Internet replacing TV as Australia’s preferred entertainment platform


    Deloitte, in their third-annual Media Consumer Survey, has found that Australians have begun to choose the Internet as one of their top three choices for entertainment, and because of this it is speculated that it will soon overtake TV for the number one spot.


    2,300 people participated in the survey, and eight out of 10 said they use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to multitask while watching TV. Over half of them said they own one or more of these devices.


    With these statistics, it’s easy to believe that use of social media went up 170 percent in 2013, and that 54 percent of Internet users say they post something daily, leading to a big rise in SEO firms in Sydney and other major cities.


    Deloitte describes this phenomenon as a “digital tipping point,” explaining on their website, “If using the Internet as a preferred source of entertainment continues to grow at the same rate as in previous years, it will eclipse watching TV in the coming year. This

    will herald a significant digital tipping point in our media habits.”


    Binge-watching has become a lot more common as well, with services like Presto and Netflix offering entire seasons and even entire series of shows for instant viewing. More than seven out of 10 survey participants said that they’ve watched three episodes or more, back to back.


    Deloitte also explains that the devices that people use vary depending on age: “laptops and mobiles are more popular with Generation Xers and younger, whereas older generations’ preferred devices are their television sets. Devices used to multi-task when watching television also vary across the generations – and so too the apps used while multi-tasking.”


    Niki Alcorn, a partner of Deloitte, said that this survey shows that digital is finally “coming of age,” something that has been predicted and seen for two decades.


    “Our findings on what we use, where we use it and how, all show that Australians are increasingly sophisticated and savvy when it comes to digital.”



    This is a phenomenon catching on all over the world; as we continue to move towards making the digital a fully-ingrained aspect of our society and our reality, more and more people will embrace Internet usage and devices like the television may become a thing of the past.

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