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    This just in from Britain's bureau of investigative journalism

    every freedom loving person needs to read this!

    Secret Justice
    When being born British isn’t enough

    February 27th, 2013 | by Chris Woods | Published in All Stories, Secret Justice

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    National identity erased. (Image: Shutterstock)

    One worrying finding of the Bureau’s investigation  into deprivation of citizenship is that the Home Secretary is now  stripping nationality from people born in Britain.

    The latest 2011 census shows 7.5m people in England  and Wales were born outside the UK. Some of these people are already  British citizens. Their children and grandchildren, born and brought up  here, automatically have British citizenship and might have assumed they could take this for granted. Theresa May has indicated otherwise.

    The Bureau’s investigation has found that five of  the 21 people so far deprived of their citizenships were actually born  in the UK.

    Mohamed Sakr is one of these. He was born in Newham and brought up in west London, though had dual nationality as his  parents were Egyptian. He had his British citizenship removed in  September 2010 and was killed in a US drone strike 17 months later.
    May Home Office

    Home Secretary Theresa May (Home Office)

    In another case, four members of one family, all  British-born, lost their citizenship. The family had moved to Britain in 1958 from Kashmir, and a son (now known only as S1 in the courts where  he is appealing his case), was born in Newcastle in 1963. S1 went on to  have his own children, all born in London.

    Three of his sons – known as T1, U1 and V1 – lost  their citizenships along with their father, all accused by the Home  Secretary of links with a militant group. The entire family remains  stranded in Pakistan, with other British family members – accused of no  wrongdoing – unable to return home.

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    The implications of Theresa May’s recent actions are profound. Hundreds of thousands of second- and third-generation Britons are now, in theory, at risk of having their UK citizenship revoked on  the orders of the Home Secretary. The 2001 census showed for example  that 46% of all Muslims in the UK at that time (some 740,000 people)  were actually British-born.

    The law is also arbitrary. When people from some  countries such as India become British, they are required to give up  their original nationalities. And since UK law says you cannot be made  stateless, the Home Secretary would not be allowed to strip you of your  British citizenship. Yet people from Pakistan are allowed to have dual  citizenship, and so if your family’s roots are from that country, your  British citizenship could in theory be at risk.

    As Asim Qureshi of campaign group CagePrisoner told  the Bureau: ‘These are people who are entrenched in UK society as part  of the fabric of how Britain has developed. So to think that – and this  is not just from places like Pakistan, this could be from anywhere in  the world – that people could have their citizenship removed, it really  is quite scary.’

    Secret courts
    Equally troubling is  the process which leads to deprivation. Despite the removal of  nationality being perhaps the most extreme sanction a British government can take against its own citizens, the courts have no role in the  original decision.

    Instead the Home Secretary, acting on advice from  the intelligence services or others, can simply revoke the citizenship  of dual nationals with immediate effect where she believes it is  ‘conducive to the public good’. This means she can make the decision  based on what she believes an individual might do, rather than because  of specific acts.

    In almost all cases the Bureau has examined this has involved national security grounds, often with those involved accused  of belonging to militant or terrorist organisations.

    Yet according to Reprieve’s legal director Kat  Craig: ‘All those at risk of this practice, including those who were  born and raised in this country, have never been charged with any crime. The revocation of their citizenship is carried out behind closed doors  by the Home Secretary without any sort of due process or transparency.’

    The implications of Theresa May’s recent actions are profound. Hundreds of thousands of second- and third-generation Britons are now, in theory, at risk of having their UK citizenship revoked on  the orders of the home secretary.

    The decree takes almost immediate effect, with passports cancelled and all citizenship rights revoked.

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    On almost every occasion the Home Office has removed citizenships while people are out of the country. And as a judge noted  in 2010 appeal, this seems a premeditated action.

    ‘The Secretary of State’s decision to deprive the  Appellant of his citizenship was one which had clearly been contemplated before it was taken. The natural inference, which we draw… is that she  waited until he had left the United Kingdom before setting the process  in train,’ according to court papers.

    If people are in the UK when they have their  citizenship removed, they stand a far better chance of fighting their  case. British courts have also generally been unwilling to deport people to countries where torture is rife.

    Gareth Peirce, one of the UK’s most seasoned  immigration lawyers notes: ‘Only able to challenge the secret case from  outside the UK, effective access to lawyers in the UK is almost  impossible to achieve when every communication is known to be monitored  and where the subject may be at risk not just from state but non state  actors too.’

    Little wonder that many of those seeking to  challenge their banishment appear lost in a legal process reminiscent of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. One man, Hilal al-Jedda, is now deep into the sixth year of appealing his original deprivation order.

    Bad law?
    When Tony Blair’s  government first proposed taking radical new powers to itself which  would allow British citizens to be stripped of their nationalities, it  was warned by MPs from all parties of the possible consequences.

    One was Simon Hughes, now deputy leader of the  Liberal Democrats. Back in 2002, he told the committee scrutinising the  bill that it would grant ‘excessive’ powers to the Home Secretary. He  explicitly warned that it would grant ‘the power to deprive even UK-born nationals of UK citizenship,’ and called for the relevant clause to be  struck out.

    All those at risk of this practice, including those  who were born and raised in this country, have never been charged with  any crime. The revocation of their citizenship is carried out behind  closed doors by the home secretary without any sort of due process or  transparency.’
    Kat Craig, legal director Reprieve

    Angela Eagle, the minister responsible at the time,  sought to calm MPs by claiming that the Home Secretary would not be able to use the new powers at will: ‘The Secretary of State cannot make an  order on a whim, and he will be subject to judicial oversight when he  makes an order.’

    Ian Macdonald QC, president of the Immigration Law  Practitioners’ Association, said this week that judicial oversight in  these cases was presently severely lacking.

    Referring to the government’s practice of serving  deprivation papers at peoples’ last known UK address when they have only 28 days to appeal, he told the Bureau: ’The government is not only  rendering appeals ineffective, but is simply misusing the procedures in  order to prevent that appeal taking place at all. And that’s got to be  deliberate.’

    This week Simon Hughes has written to both the Home  Secretary Theresa May and to the Home Affairs select committee, calling  for an urgent inquiry into the Bureau’s findings.

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    EXCLUSIVE: Wanda Maddocks has told how she spent six weeks in the same  prison as Maxine Carr for trying to remove her father John (inset) from a home where his family thought he was in danger of dying. But she was  not present in court, nor was she represented by a lawyer, when the  judgment was made - and her sentencing was not made public for six  months.  Daily Mail headline 4-25-2013

    Secret court bill 'threatens centuries of open justice and will erode Britain's moral standing in the world!

    Secret court in control of a £2billion fortune: It holds the assets of 16,000  vulnerable people - but pays them almost nothing in interest



    The Court of Protection, which secretly controls £2billion of assets of  thousands of elderly and mentally impaired people, has been criticised  by MP John Hemming (pictured) as 'bordering on malpractice'. Allegations include claims that the billions of pounds it controls are being used  to offset the national debt through an arm of the Treasury, while paying them a paltry interest.

    Neil has an IQ of 125 and runs his own business. So why won'

    Neil Barker, pictured with girlfriend Valeria, received £1.8m  compensation after a motorbike crash in 2003. But the Court of  Protection said he lacked the mental capacity to handle his finances. He is one of thousands whose assets are managed by the Court, which has  sent hundreds of people to prison for speaking out about the secret  processes or disobeying its rulings.


    Secret court hearing plans pushed through by government !

    If it had been ANY other country I wouldn't have been surprised, but Britain...the self lauded home of democracy, the magna carta....knightly chivalrous history...this SHOCKS me and validates my choosing to be an expat !

    This latest incident is only a small sample of what Britain has descended to...there is absolutely NO justice there for the ordinary working class or poor...the queen, princes, royalty and the mega rich can do NO wrong and violent murderers, rapists and robbers roam the streets freely with slap on the wrist treatment by pink clothed, effeminate, bewigged judges who belong in the garbage cans of ancient history they have their heads and minds where the sun don't shine ! They are also extreme sadists as we can clearly see when this poor lady did the right thing out of love and concern for her dear old Dad and tried to remove him from that horrible place ! I wouldn't put a stay dog in a British care home they re disastrous, worst on the Planet and constantly admonished and exposed in the press/media !

    I strongly urge everyone to read the British newspapers like the Daily Mail then you will be astonished at what REALLY goes on in Britain and see that I as a seasoned foreign correspondent am NOT exaggerating !

    THousands of people including young children and the elderly are dying like flies in the hospitals teh NHS (national health service) is disgusting to put it mildly, full of foreign doctors QUACKS at best who buy their licenses abroad from relatives and friends and give terribly wrong diagnoses costing normally healthy folk their lives ! Many doctors don't even understand english ! There are frequent stories of neglect, beatings and robberies committed in so called retirement care homes by filthy, lowlife african, west indian, muslim and indian types people who are employed at lower wages to supposedly care for people ! The government has known about this outrage for decades but do NOT give a damn !

    It has become a terrible country to live in and any honest Brit. will have to agree with me...I have only scratched the surface of the great injustice there ! If you take a little time and research what I have exposed today on my blog you will understand and be glad you don't live in Britain!

    The Britain you see in the travel posters and tv ads,etc is NOT the REAL Britain which now makes Mogadishu and Zimbabwe,etc seem like Disneyland in comparison !

    The British government and diplomatic reps. WON'T what I say....because they CAN'T without appearing like liars and morons which they are ! Ask the average Brit. if what I say is factual and true !

    I sympathize with the British working class and  I have good reason to be ashamed to be British and would be less the reporter and writer if I did NOT tell it like it is !  

    Four million extra patients a year flood A&E after Labour's 'disastrous' decision to allow GPs to stop night work

    last  government agreed a controversial GPs' contract

    Labour’s ‘disastrous’  decision to  allow family  doctors to give up responsibility for out-of-hours care  has forced A&E departments to deal with millions more patients, the  Health Secretary will warn today.

    Jeremy Hunt will reveal how numbers have shot up by four million a year since  the last government agreed a controversial GPs’ contract – which allowed them to shirk their obligations to work in the evenings and at  weekends.

    Here's some of the injustices that have been unleashed by British authorities (with impunity) on the British people

    It recently emerged that British police had known for more than a decade that Muslim rape gangs were targeting young girls, but they ignored the evidence of rapes because "they were petrified of being called racist." Rather than acknowledge that there is a problem, Muslim groups have decided to play the victim card instead.




    The Birmingham Six outside the Old Bailey after their release in 1991. Photograph: Rex Features

    Maslen Merchant, a Birmingham-based legal executive who  specialises in criminal appeals, recalls a recent conversation with a  solicitor outside Birmingham crown court before a manslaughter case.  Maslen was saying that he was struggling to get an order for disclosure. "She said: 'I don't know why you're bothering. There's never anything  in it,'" he recounts. The lawyer, who has spent two decades  investigating miscarriages of justice, is still incredulous. "Tell the Guildford Four that. Tell Judith Ward, the Maguire Seven, the M25 Three and the  Bridgewater Four," he says. "It was astonishing and thoroughly  depressing to hear."

    Indeed. Earlier this year was the 20th anniversary of an event that sent shockwaves through our criminal  justice system. Paddy Hill, Hugh Callaghan, Richard McIlkenny, Gerry  Hunter, Billy Power and Johnny Walker were released after 16 years  inside ! having had their convictions overturned for the murder of 21  people in two Birmingham pubs. Such was the damage inflicted upon the  public confidence in the judiciary that their release led to the 1993  Runciman commission and ultimately the creation of an independent body,  the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), to investigate such cases.



    apology from Tony Blair

    It was one of the most notorious miscarriages of justice in British  legal history. Three Belfast men and an English woman spent 15 years in  prison after police fabricated confessions for the IRA bombing of the  Horse and Groom pub in Guildford in 1974.

    But even after their  convictions were quashed in 1989, Gerry Conlon, Paul Hill, Paddy  Armstrong and Carole Richardson, had spoken of the clinging stigma and  the black hole of post-traumatic stress. Some felt there was a  whispering campaign in the corridors of power that they had been freed  on a technicality and a "cloud of suspicion" remained.

    Yesterday,  16 years after their release, and following years of campaigning by the  moderate nationalist SDLP, Tony Blair said sorry for the miscarriage of  justice in a TV recording from his Commons office. The public apology to both the Guildford Four and the Maguire Seven, who were wrongly  imprisoned over the Guildford attack and other 1974 bombings in  Woolwich, south-east London, followed pressure from the Irish prime  minister, Bertie Ahern, in a meeting last week and a petition of 10,000  signatures.


    The memory stick killing: When police lost a data card with names of 1,000 informants, they questioned this father - then cleared him. Two  months later, they shot him dead

    • Anthony Grainger, 36, was shot dead by police in Cheshire last March
    • Accused of stealing memory stick with names of police informants
    • Despite being cleared of suspicion, police surveilled him for weeks
    • Over 100 officers were involved in six-week operation

    An unarmed man shot dead by a  police marksman as he sat in a car was wrongly suspected only weeks  before of stealing a computer memory stick containing the names of 1,075 police informants.

    The  missing stick was stolen after a detective had taken it home. It held a  mass of highly confidential data about police inquiries into drug  trafficking – plus hundreds of real names and addresses of secret  contacts who gave information about gangsters to police.

    Father-of-two Anthony Grainger was questioned about the theft but formally cleared  four months later. Meanwhile, the loss of the stick was exposing the  informants to grave potential danger.



    Family man: Father-of-two Anthony Grainger, 36,  pictured with his partner Gail and a relative's baby, was shot to death  by police weeks after he was cleared of suspicion of stealing a memory  stick of sensitive information

    It is believed at least one of   those contacts was attacked and beaten at his home. Soon after that  incident, Grainger, 36, was shot dead by Greater Manchester Police  officers as he sat in the parked vehicle with two friends on March 3  last year.

    Police records  of the incident reveal he was shot at close range through the lungs and  heart during a night-time operation which involved marksmen armed with  sub-machine guns, pistols, Tasers and tear gas

    Now police place journalists in same bracket as criminals: Officers will be forced to name any friends who work in the media... or face the sack

    As a result, every officer in England and Wales must formally report any friendship outside his workplace with a journalist.

    Well then they can start with me...I have been a reporter and expat foreign correspondent for 50 years and I am proud of exposing corrupt government and police wherever they are ! If they oppress the press/media which is the British peoples ONLY way of learning the facts and truths...then they will face the dire consequences they deserve !

    That's just scratching the surface folks...this would NEVER happen to the British snooty aristocracy y'know the bunch of stiff upper lip, status crazy overdressed extraverts that hang around places like Ascot racecourse,etc Frankly I hate to say it but you'd probably get a fairer shake from al qaeda or North Korea than the British justice system !



    There is NOTHING worse than DIRTY cops !



    Scotland Yard's chief cop Hogan-Howe

    Police chief CONFUSED, INDECISIVE and BILLIGERENT as shredded corruption files storm grows, Met boss tells MPs,

    'I don't even know what's missing'

    And this is Britain's TOP cop and the #1 at Scotland Yard can you believe ?



    Cold blooded premeditated murder !

    Met gave Jean Charles de Menezes family £300,000 compensation for Tube  shooting... and now they could get even more after it's revealed police  SP

    The parents of Jean Charles de Menezes (right), Matozinhos and Maria  (pictured together left), have revealed they received £300,000 from  Scotland Yard after their innocent son was shot dead by anti-terror  police.. But the couple want more after learning police 'spied' on them  after the tragedy. The figure - far higher than previously thought - was disclosed by the couple as they said they would sue the force again  over claims that undercover officers gathered private information about  them after Jean Charles de Menezes was killed at Stockwell Tube station  in South London in July 2005.

    Top police officer's 26-year career in tatters after he is jailed for lying on his CV to win string of promotions that made him £70,000 richer


    Mike Martin, 46, from Carlisle appeared in Preston court yesterday after a  four year inquiry into claims he exaggerated his work and achievements.



    Ex Cleveland chief constable Sean Price and his deputy Derek Bonnard  (pictured) received £336,000 and £131,000 respectively after being  dismissed for gross misconduct.

    WPC, 37, 'groomed a grieving 82-year-old for his cash': Officer 'seduced him' as he mourned his murdered son



    PC Clare Stretton (left), from Telford, Shropshire, is said to have  groomed 82-year-old grandfather Charles Foulkes (right) after his son  Colin (inset), 49, was hacked to death with an axe. Mr Foulkes’s family  say Stretton knew he was rich and vulnerable, and that his wife,  Dorothy, was terminally ill. The pair sent text messages, with one from  Stretton allegedly reading: 'I love you so very much darling.’ She is  also said to have worn low-cut blouses and showered the pensioner with  attention. Now, Mr Foulkes's family have now lodged a writ at the High  Court seeking reparations of £100,000 from Stretton as well as  unspecified damages for 'serious distress'.



    Nick Gargan, pictured, head of Avon and Somerset Police, was last night facing difficult questions about his conduct when he worked  on the investigation into the princess's death.    


    Police union in crisis as top two bosses quit after Mail reveals lavish spending and 'guerrilla' war on ministers





                For four decades, the depraved 29st MP for Rochdale was free to prey on vulnerable children as young as eight. Police received at least 144  complaints by victims of the predatory paedophile yet the authorities  blocked any prosecution - allowing Smith brazenly to continue his abuse. The Liberal Party even put his name forward for a knighthood in 1988 in spite of the rumours of his sordid activities swirling around  Westminster.

    Extreme criminal behaviour by  trusted officers was gathered in a three-year probe. But a truckload   of documentary evidence relating to the full investigation was  mysteriously shredded in 2003. Met Police Commissioner Bd ernard Hogan-Howe (pictured) will answer to MPs tomorrow over why the shredding took place. It is feared that the documents could have shed light on  whether the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence (inset)  was undermined by corrupt officers.



    And that's just tip of the iceberg...people around the World think of  Scotland yard, Sherlock Holmes,etc Hollywood-ized images of British cops as gentle, polite,chivalrous bobbies
    like the old tv show Dixon of Dock Green...


    British cops today are competing with criminals in every aspect of crime !

    What hypocrisy committing what they

    arrest and charge others for

    Shocking moment police dog savaged shirtless suspect and bit into his neck after officers ordered him to lie on his stomach


    Christian street preacher who was arrested and kept in cell for 19 hours without  food after he told two gay men homosexuality is a sin paid £13,000  compensation by police



    John Craven, 57, says he was held by Greater Manchester  Police after he told the couple 'God hates sin, he loves the sinner'  when they asked him for his views


    22 year old fined 100 pounds or taking

    one sip of cool aide while stuck in traffic


    This copper was photographed drinking while in slow traffic

    are they the World's biggest hypocrites or what ?


    Police commissioner on £100,000 a year has been given an £25,000 Audi A4  confiscated from a drug dealer which could have been sold for the public purse

    West Yorkshire police commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson drives a car confiscated from a drug dealer


    Just adorning a uniform...and given power... doesn't automatically make you
    a good guy !




    'I'm a copper - I will do what I like': Detective attacked holidaymaker in a pub and yelled at mother of autistic girl 'f*** your f****** disabled  child' after seven hour drink binge



    Paul Whiteley, 51, of West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and  Major Enquiry Team is set to lose his job after he ripped off his shirt  and drunkenly rtinattacked another customer.



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