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    Posted August 3, 2014 by

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       Though previously relegated only to the tin-foil hat'd crowd , a recent NASA Mars Photo actually appears to have captured  <get ready> ... "A - LITTLE-GREEN- MARTIAN" ! <no joke> .  How cliche. We agree - yet, there it is - in NASA's own photo (PIA17071). They also report a "reflection" in the creature's eyes (pictured).
       When photo researchers from the "FACES OF MARS" Facebook page were asked how they determined this creature was "little" - a spokesman explained that the object was less than 10 meters from the Curiosity Rover when this photo was snapped yet the creature appears no bigger than an apple. When further queried if all life on Mars might also be "Lilliputian" in size - we were referred to NASA . We are still awaiting a reply.
      The "Faces of Mars" team also indicated an appreciation for NASA's apparent "Friends and Family" method of Martian Life disclosure. "This way - only a citizen's friend or family member is revealing this possibly upsetting new paradigm by sharing articles such as this one. "It's much less upsetting to some when such shocking news is shared from a friend who has already digested it ". "One may then either choose to accept what they SEE in NASA's photos or - if too upsetting - they may also simply choose to accept what they HEAR from NASA - (nothing)".

       Apparently, according to these researchers, the choice is to believe what we SEE or what we HEAR of life on Mars - but not both. Seems reasonable. Which one do YOU choose. < Seriously, comment "yes" or "no" and I'll report the results of this informal poll next Sunday>

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