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    The Benefits of American Owned National Debts

    The Benefits of American Owned National Debts

    I know we can deliver the transfer of a significant amount the National Debt or establish the ability to loan out as much as $18T. We probably can do much more, but this is my arrangement with government in insure what just happened never happens again. This government successful gave away America and I graciously accepted it. Now to have it handed back to them certain conditions must be met.

    By having America owe our bank the amount of the National Debt by transferring these debts to us, we will thereby require to receive interest payments. I think by the government increasing the money set aside for the interest payments on our debts from 7% to 10%, this nation will have thereby paid into a policy that insures every American is covered but based on how we decide to do this without government interferences because these will be debts being paid and not charity and donations. . Therefore instead of losing 7% of your budget to a debt you can never pay, you will have gained that 7% back into the budget and will also redirect 3% more.

    However, there are a lot of areas that will change how they do business and require less money to continue being run these departments, while actually creating more jobs and opportunities to help people go beyond the essentials of life. Social Security will almost cease to exist and/or become a disability system. I do not plan to retire people based on age anymore, because 125 years of age in about 20 years can be today's 55 years of age. I cannot afford for people to be laid back for that long. "You don't work you don't eat!" I am sorry but my idea of heaven and heavenly thing, is not a bunch of lazy people in mansions like their old slave master had, not doing anything but yelling praise. No! In fact our job will have just begun

    Unemployment will be greatly reduced because our economy will not be solely capitalistic and our valuation of things will be calculated differently. We will value land foremost and the production processes placed within communities and the harvesting of land, education and the quality or ability of the local workforce. Being our economy will be best on building a better world and not constant huge profits to the investors. And for this reason there will be an international law, assuring nobody has more money than me and I do not have to have $200 billion, but nobody has as much money as me.

    Healthcare, we can reduce in half, through advanced technology and the release of cures to certain diseases. The government is being conned by the pharmaceutical industry. First of all they are really incompetent and they are trying to play God, but is playing Satan, meaning they have too many limits. They stopped curing diseases since the polio vaccine. Now everybody has to take 5 to even 10 pills per day, first for the illness and then for all the side effects. For 25% of all pharmaceuticals we create, I can easily reduce the cost of healthcare by 50%.

    I would require however a larger government budget, because a lot of my men and women will require federal recognition and authority and therefore be federal employee positions. For example the Federalized Crips, will be our law enforcement wing. Because I know who is who, if they screw up they will be picked up and placed on our Federal Prison to be located in Florida. But the government budget is only 1% and to increasing it to 3%, while reducing spending in these other major areas will actually create much smaller government by as much as 20% to 30%.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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