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    The National Debt Transfer Scenario

    The National Debt Transfer Scenario

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    National Debt = $16.8T
    Interest paid on National Debt = $354B Annually
    So before they can even pay on the debt they have to come up with $354B in interest payments upfront.

    The issue of discussion would be the banking accounting practices, that allows banks to loan to out money. My proposal is that the banking investors or those who establish a bank should have a threshold for having lending abilities, based on certain economic factors unique to the economic establishment of the United States and our interests.

    Once we establish guidelines to the banker powers of the United States, we will establish at least an $18T dollar credit line to establish our Zews of the United States owned bank under the management of my men and women as a foundation to a settlement. This would seem to be a fair settlement which in turn would be used to refinance the United States National Debt.

    This would reestablish our relationship as owners of all the nations debts. And for us to do this it will require some constitutional law adjustments to insure, as a result of this deal, America doesn't go and do the same thing all over again. We will have to be the regulators as to who and how the United States can borrow money in all future events.

    Our bank will be established as owner all of all the United States debts and therefore will become the beneficiaries of all interest payments. Therefore the United States debt takes on a new meaning and becomes an asset rather than a liability to our nations economy. Because all interest payments will become capital for reinvestment into America and there should be an established standard protocol in our agreement.

    Once we establish the proper relationship between creditor and debtor or our bank and the United States Government and create a repayment schedule, the result is the United States actually gain immediately due to the redirection of the money being paid out. And these redirected funds will go towards the establishment of our Kingdom or our economic portfolio.

    We will quickly save Medicare and reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals. I plan to monopolize the pharmaceutical industry and require 25% of all money earned from it. This will insure I have control over pricing and distribution. They know they have no right to compete with me in this industry, because only I get to play God or we can compete. As stands they would get 75% to spilt. We will determine the lifespan or life expectation of mankind from here on. And the distribution of diseases will not be based on racism. Whereby it is common practice to kill of Africans and therefore are they seem to be predisposed to almost everything, death has to be designed to eliminate the disloyal, who go against the grain based on decisions as how to best maintain economic prosperity shared worldwide, while insuring longevity among humankind on earth and beyond.

    Healthcare costs us about $8G per American at about 17% of our GDP. The GDP is about $15.68T or about $52G per American. What is deceiving is the average income is not a median allocated across the board. There are many African Americans who are barely making the $8G required to stay alive. Therefore healthcare is designed to keep only certain people alive. We will chance this and save the government at least 50% or more in the process.

    We will have to go down the line, for example military spending. What will our new international strategy become, once we cease to endorse racism in our legislative intent, that leads us into world conflicts and drug wars and economic wars?

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostles Paul Castellano
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