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    Posted August 4, 2014 by
    Portland, Oregon

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    "MILITARY OLYMPIC (PAY_4_VIEW) GAMES" To Protect Our Grocery Stores & Save Lives.


    This Homeland Security Project May Give All Nations involved a Common Bond by Improving Communications, to Fight and Prevent Hateful Terrorist Groups from Working them Against Each Other and Seising Control! *****  (IDEA) ***** PAY 4 VIEW Red Flag /Top Gun Television Competitions Supplementing Military Budgets. LIVE UNITED WE STAND TELEVISION Pay 4 View LIVE Air Combat Exercises in the USA done to Benefit the USMC, USN and the USAF at The Next Red Flag and Top Gun Military Exercises, for Supplementing Our Military Homeland Security Budget. RED FLAG and TOP GUN USA Pay 4 View LIVE Military Exercises will Raise Defense Revenue Supported through Special Education OPPS UNITED WE STAND TELEVISION Entertainment,, by their Fans Supplementing Our Nations Military Homeland Security Budgets. Later if these Pay 4 View Live Air Show Combat Exercises are Successful in the USA at raising Military Revenue, it then may be proposed to Expand this Homeland Security Project World Wide through NATO. The NATO MILITARY PAY 4 VIEW GAMES TO SUPPLEMENT NATO DEFENSE SPENDING and SAVE LIVES. To Encouraging Our Worlds New Military Gladiators to Compete in a New Controlled Combat Game Competition for a Safer way to Settle Disputes. This will give NATO and the United Nations More Time to Search for Peaceful Political Solutions to Troubling World Problems. It will Give All Nations involved a Common United We Stand Communications Bond to work with each other, to Fight and Prevent Hateful Terrorist Groups from Working Countries Against One Another to Seise Control! . The Top Gun, Red Flag and NATO Military Pay 4 View Games will Support and Protect the Wellness of Our Worlds Military Industries, Our Worlds Energy Interests and Our Worlds Peoples by Fighting Terrorism by Saving Lives through a Common Bond in Improving World Communications for a more Secure and Peaceful Earth for All of Gods Loving Children!***** HAWAIIAN Bill Keale from Bend Oregon USA Sings ONE_TIN_SOLDIER_RIDES_AWAY

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