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    Posted August 4, 2014 by
    New Delhi, India
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    drugged in delhi


    message from the rape capital


    Though not by choice, but that is a different story, I am currently staying in new Delhi as a woman alone,  what a stupid thing to do, and was heavily drugged in a store on my first outing and barely made it out alive., the culprits did not get their field day, but that was nothing short of a miracle.


    Barely gotten from the plain, I was taken to a so called government shop , handmade clothes, shoes, jewelry, tapestry, by the cab driver the hotel had told me was safe.


    While waiting for him to park the car an old man talked me inside showing me overwhelmingly beautiful things ( that you can buy anywhere in Delhi at much fairer rates, but this was my first outing)
    when a servant showed up and asked if I would care for tea, coffee, orange juice or water, yes, tea would be fine, and I also got complimentary water in an unsealed bottle, and said ; -sukhriya- meaning thank you as I was proud of my Hindi


    10 minutes after I drank the tea I saw myself fall down in the mirror of the small fitting room and stoop in a corner, that is when I realized they had drugged me .


    Strange though it may seem I only knew because I saw it, there was no notion of passing out and no notion of falling. I just saw it happening to myself in the mirror.


    I sat there for a short while like a bag of potatoes and then felt extremely sick and started vomiting, somehow made it to the washroom, while vomiting, and stayed there for at least half an hour puking my breakfast and guts out.


    I did not feel any better, but had not gotten any worse either, so still very very nauseous and staggering, confused and scared started to make way to the exit with the vendor at my heels trying to grab my arm and attention, to look at this and at that, but I ignored him and somehow made it outside.
    I did not have any thought while I headed there, not even one, just walked that way feeling sick and wanting OUT.


    The cabdriver lingered in the shop but eventually whisked me in the car where I had to insist many times to drive me back to the hotel where I passed out for 2 days, and am still having side effects to this day.


    What saved me is my lifelong crazy reaction to sedatives that make me hyperactive before they knock me out and that never ever fail to make me puke my guts out.
    Even during an operation and after one, the nausea will happen.
    Maybe it also helped the cab driver finally made his appearance in the shop by the time I started vomiting
    Then again; maybe not. Maybe he got there just in time to get part of the action.
    It is difficult to know and too hard to confront anyone too close from where I stand


    While I was obviously vomiting around the place, swaying, staggering and so very sick sick sick, in front of everyone, no one in the shop asked; are you OK?
    They all pretended as if nothing at all was happening, just another day in the store, while rattling on about the stupid merchandise.


    I later browsed trip advisor to see what reviews if any this shop had gotten and found one from another women on nher own who also got attacked in that shop.
    When contacted and asked about the people and the location in the store they matched.


    The next woman going in there on her own will not get out without a scratch, if at all she ever gets out again.




    Since this happened I tried to get tested for traces of sedatives, esp ketamine, to be able to press charges but no one helped me or explained how to.
    I told a hospital person, male, he thought it was very funny.I called a second one, asked for a female, but when asked if I could be tested for ketamine, she must have understood I was asking if she saw an UFO fly by, as she did not know how to respond.

    She finally promised to look into it. and was never heard of again.

    I could not find any trusted help available and was pretty much left to fend for myself.

    Also I still have few really normal lucid days as I sleep way too much, cannot remain focused on anything and all my daily projects keep going sideways.
    Strange itchy patches keep appearing on my skin and dead-like patches on my lips, and other issues I -d rather not share.
    I still feel dozed, most days and most of the time.
    The simplest normally routine task takes ages to accomplish.
    So now, for fear, I keep to my hotelroom and dare not go anywhere, hotel guests buy me food or I would starve.


    Somehow I still managed to get the brilliant idea to hire a tour guide to at least see some sites before going home and not be alone at the same time as you do not want to be beaten by a bunch of rapists. Right?


    But still ill with the drugs, and ever so tired, I requested a half day tour, so 4 hours in stead of 8.
    The first guides did not understand
    They were so intend on the money they thought I was trying to negotiate a day tour for half the price and them some.
    When I found another one that did understand english, they wanted to give me one for 3600 that turned to 6300 5 minutes before departure and when I tried to correct them it was all my fault and water under the bridge and the tour was cancelled.


    I tried to hire a bodyguard but they did not even reply
    I approached someone offering attending services online , no escort, just a female to tag along, but he quadrupled his rates when I approached him, trying to get rich in one day, in stead of investing in clientele and a solid bussiness.

    It makes me incredibly sad to see how in this awesome country
    where once such great civilizations, innovative religions, fabulous ideas and skills flourished and spread all over the world, the people seem to have reduced themselves to a sorry lot of grabbers.


    Yet I am still determined or at least hoping to find at least one person, thing or event that can make this trip worthwhile.


    So I have hatched yet another plan to help pave me a way through this crazy jungle to try and get done what I came here to do, and will keep you posted on how that works out, unless my trauma and fear keep blowing everything else aside.


    Because even while I was extremely and exceptionally lucky to get away from the crime alive, so far I should add, for the most part I should add, I got seriously traumatized .
    Though worse things have happened to many women , what happened to me I find hard enough to stomach as it is.
    You cannot help to simply automatically getting flashbacks, the sounds, the smells the faces just pop up, and cannot prevent the nightmares where you see yourself paralysed with men having a field day and when you wake up you wonder if that did happen or not.
    It did not, I am sure of it.
    But it is soooo scary and so difficult to put aside, especially while still here.


    While flashbacks keep surfacing I keep trying to convince myself it was all my imagination.
    I just happened to eat something wrong that accidentally made me sick 10 minutes after I drank the tea. Or they used the wrong water to make tea.
    You do that because you want to move on, but it does not help much.
    I know that is not what happened.
    Because of the side effects alone there is no doubt I was drugged.


    I also feel anxious for the next easy victim to walk in there alone, who will most likely become my proof , because the vendors, with every failure,  will perfect their methods and learn to cover all angles, and get their way sooner or later.

    That is why I feel the urge to post this , though actually too scared to do so.
    Do not drink anything anywhere, not even when you are brought to a so called government shop by a driver that is considered safe.
    Do not think hopping around in Indian potatoe-bag shape clothes will keep you safe, nor your age, nor your ugliness, you are not safe anywhere in Delhi when you are white and alone.
    That makes you prey, as predators will always catch the specimens that swerve from the herd, and are therefor vulnerable and alone.


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