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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    340 lbs Lost Combined - A Couple Set Free From Obesity Forever!


    Over 25 years ago, my husband and I met and fell in love—with each other and with food. We were both overweight to start with, but with our focus on food combined together, we grew even heavier very rapidly. Yet still we stayed on constant diets. I tried everything — all of the commercial diet programs, doctor-assisted diet plans, weight-loss medications, and every diet in every magazine. I ate low fat, no fat, sugar-free, all vegetables… whatever I was asked to do, but I just got larger and larger. I reached over 300 lbs and became convinced that I would never lose weight and keep it off. My husband was less interested in diets and he grew even larger—topping out at 360 lbs.
    I gave up dieting all together at this point and just decided to try to love myself as a heavy person, which is what I thought I was meant to be; however, the physical and emotional pain was great. I had no hope… until a co-worker introduced me to Weigh Down. This program was completely different—it was not about the food… or exercise… or dieting. It was about me changing and learning how to eat like a child again without any focus or love of food. I learned how God had made us with built in cues that worked perfectly and naturally. I learned how to eat within the boundaries of hunger and fullness and what to do with my desire to eat when I was not hungry—how to go to the God of All Comfort—the only source that would fill that empty hole in my heart. I quickly lost weight and was eating all my favorite foods! My husband eventually noticed and decided to give it a try as well. He lost over 160 lbs, and I have lost 180! We have kept this weight off for a while now (over 8 years for me!) and I do not ever worry about going back. This natural way of eating has carried over to our children who have been able to grow up without a weight problem at all. We are all healthy and food is not an issue at our house at all. We eat a variety of things that we like and do not have to plan ahead for special occasions or holidays or anything like that! It is wonderful freedom after growing up with continual worry about my weight and always needing to buy a new wardrobe as I got bigger and bigger.
    The program works through online classes where you learn how to identify true hunger (I thought I knew what that was—but it was really just my desire to eat!) and how to stop when politely full—that was the hardest thing for me. I learned many practical tips for that, and more importantly, how to change my focus OFF of the food. We could not have just done that on my own in a world surrounded by cooking/eating/restaurants/food commercials. We learned how to genuinely set our hearts and minds on God and His creation all the time, and how fun and filling and rich and deep that was! It really is! This feeling is so much better than food! It took learning how to get started on that journey for me to find that fulfillment!
    We did not need any kind of surgery or special exercise plans! It was simple and natural and continues to get better every year! Instead of always worrying about how we will keep the weight off, we feel more free every day! I am so grateful for this program and compare it to the cure for cancer. Weigh Down has set us free—individually, as a couple, and as a family. www.weighdown.com Matthew and Jill Snapp


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