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    Israel-Palestine, Ebola and The African Summit

    Israel-Palestine, Ebola and The African Summit

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones - aka Apostle Paul Castellano


    There will never be lasting peace in Palestine as long as Israel exist and they have a military force. Israel is a military station set in the middle east to insure control over oil. And it is sanctioned and funded by the United States. What just took is that Palestine was setback at least 30 years based on some economist. Therefore the destruction that just took place can never be repaired, because they will not get along long enough to make any real progress.

    Therefore my position of the occupation of Palestine by Arab Nations, but also United States Troops, insure that never again will Israel attack Palestine under any conditions. Thereby making such an act an act of war against the United Nations and America. Then we must create an economy unique to Palestine assuring continued economic prosperity to the Palestinian people. The problem is Palestine is $10B economy and Israel is a $250B economy.


    Like I said diseases and killer viruses are created in laboratories by the same people who create the antidote. They know the antidote before they create the virus so to speak or they both go hand in hand. It seems clear we probably can sure Ebola and can quickly mass produce this antidote and be able to stop any outbreak.

    The challenge set before President Obama will be to pass legislation to fast track the FDA approval process. This may require creating a vision for Americans to focus on, rather than the individual policies. President Kennedy said "I will send a man to the moon." The star wars begun and now we control Star Wars Technology or the nuclear umbrella of the world.

    Now we need a vision of longevity and prosperity for the America people to believe and follow, that will allow major changes in healthcare policy that goes beyond Obamacare and will actually make Obamacare work. Tell the American people that "the challenge of America is longevity and economy opportunity for all Americans." Talk about people being able to past 125 years of age and how the sole investment of the individual through life therefore will create better returns in areas like education and how it would end the need for social security, while offering all Americans healthcare and economic opportunities.

    We cannot allow the FDA to even slow us down. For this reason the behinds the scenes discussions must take place as the stock split and shareholders within the pharmaceutical industry. We need to sell America the dream of longer lives, without forced retirement due to better healthcare and economy prosperity based on new goals or an economy based agenda of creating production towards building better communities, cities, nations and the world and not based on individual greed. Meaning make loans to businesses that not only create a profit, but also solves a need by being a solution to a problem we are addressing. The pharmaceutical industry is a fraud and the only way to change it is through FDA approval.

    The African Summit:

    It started yesterday and President Obama inviting 50 countries out of Africa to come the Washington D.C. They will be dealing with issues from economic development to governance and military support. It is really big, but is being overshadowed by Israel.

    I request that they discuss AIDS, Ebola and the many diseases that seem to hit places like Africa hard. These African nations will not be able to prosper under the current arrangements. They will never be able to afford universal healthcare until we end diseases like AIDS and other illnesses targeted towards them. And to bring all those people here and not be real with them concerning our future dealing with them and this must begin with the end of Genocide of African people worldwide.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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