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    Quality CRM training: Why it matters for your company’s profitability


    One of my favorite fast food joints to visit whenever I travel to California is called In-N-Out Burger, not the least of which reason is that they provide fresh, never frozen, foods – but more than that, users can tell that the restaurant chain’s employees have received quality training. Beyond being an extremely clean set of stores, the workers are friendly and welcoming, making it the kind of place you want to frequent again and again.


    However, that’s merely an eat-in or drive-thru eatery. Unless those fast food workers have really great memories – and some of them do, I’m sure – for the most part you’ll drive “in and out” of that place, without the employees having to know much about who they’re serving. When it comes to companies that need deeper customer relationships, CRM software and training comes into play.


    What is CRM?


    CRM stands for “customer relationship management,” and when you begin to think about it, you’ll realize why there’s a big need for software that helps firm serve their clients more effectively.


    For example, imagine that you’ve purchased jewelry from a high-end jewelry store in the past. Wouldn’t it be extremely pleasing to you if the next time you contacted the store for a potential purchase that the sales rep who answers the phone is able to immediately access information about all the prior purchases you’ve made?


    Not only would she be able to learn that you bought your wife an emerald cut diamond ring in 1997, but she could also tell you that because she sees an accompanying wedding band purchase in 1998, she knows that your 16th wedding anniversary is approaching – and could effectively recommend great gift options, or inform you that it might be time to get the prong setting strengthened on your wife’s ring in order to hold the diamond solitaire intact.


    How the CRM training process helps your sales


    In that one example listed above, you can see how beneficial it is for employees to have all the information they possibly can about a customer at their fingertips, instead of fumbling around trying to uncover it all in a mess of paperwork.


    As such, the CRM training provided by firms such as QualityIntegrity.com can be invaluable to help employees discover how to use a plethora of information provided them in one place in order to serve customers better. For instance, with customer data such as sales history, returns history and more available, a customer service representative can discern the exact purchases made by the consumer in the past – along with any returned merchandise – and therefore glean what would be best to recommend to them in the future.


    Having the technical support and sales team information in one seamless place reduces stress for employees who aren’t forced to tell angry customers that they don’t have their information on hand and must call them back in order to gather the data.


    The ability to properly serve customers, leaving them happy, satisfied, and willing to spread great word-of-mouth about their experiences with your firm can mean the difference between a lifelong client or a lost sale.

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