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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    Its a Struggle

    Today I woke up and read Ben's story, yesterday I woke up just like any other. Grabbed a coffee, easy milk, easy sugar. I felt dry though, knowing that I banged out a chuck , (a reference from a friend to an all you can eat buffet here in SLC) the night before. But that morning i had a docs appointment, something I'd feared for months.
    I love burgers, meat, fried things, who doesn't? I dig my veggies too, I eat fruit, I drink juice, I don't drink soda with sugar, although this hasn't always been the case, I ski, ride bikes, skate, walk nine a couple times a week, in general I'm active. I bet more active than you, the big thing though is I'm diabetic, type two(a stigma and joke to friends and strangers alike), and yesterday I had to face my illness and get my A1C checked, a quarterly average of the sugar content in my blood and to my shock it was at 11.5. For those of you that don't know, that's bad. That's so bad that Amy, my doc told me if I had actually been taking my meds and was less active She would be prescribing me insulin! Ouch, literally.
    I was diagnosed about 7 years ago, I'm 33 now. I played high school football where as a husky athletic kid I was encouraged to eat and lift, I was taken many times by my high school team to the very Buffet I reference earlier, I drank mnt dew by the liter, big mouth top. I ate a lot of subway sandwiches on white bread with mayo and processed cheese. I don't remember any thing about eating right from health class in high school. At my Alma Mater there were soda and other delicious vending options a quarter drop away. Lunch for me was 5 bucks cash from my folks, a 7-11 walk across the street or journey downstairs to the cafeteria for fried tid bits or rice bowls, white rice bowls. neither choice screams health. I didn't know, and know one was teaching me, my parents didn't know. This was the nineties, no Atkins or Paleo diets. I knew I was chubby, but i was in shape, i could run miles but I was chubby, I still am. The only weight I remember from high school was a football weigh in at Cal St Berkeley football camp, 222. Yesterday at the doc I weighed 217. That's 15 years later and I wiegh less, pretty good right? Well unless you just took an 11.5 A1C. Unlike Big Ben, I weigh myself everyday when I'm working out. I like mopping floors, things where you can instantly see your progress, the scale is my daily reminder of where i need to be, what I can eat, if I can go grab some drinks with friends. It's a struggle everyday.

    The least I ever remember weighing myself was two years ago staying with my 90 something grandparents, yeah 90, still walking nine and active in general. I've never seen them drink but maybe a glass of wine, and unlike, my normal diet of a whole rotersierie chicken to myself, with ample sides of course, there, one was expected and did feed the three of us easily. I rode my uncle's bike everyday, I rode 40 miles to the beach and back, it was great. I weighed in at 192, yesterday with an A1C of 11.5 I was 217. 25 lbs more! Wow. It's a journey. It's a struggle. It's part of the society we live in. Walk the freezer section in the grocery store, or as I call it,"The Gauntlet" . Carbs, sugar everywhere, but yesterday, I hope I had an awakening. I ate some turkey for a snack, had a chicken salad and made fajitas at my house with carb friendly fiber rich tortillas and took a proper dose of my meds, Amy told me to take my blood sugar once a day cause she nows I hate needles. Last night before dinner. 283, this morning, 150! It's a journey. It's a day to day thing just like a recovering addict, but I need my addiction to live, you have to eat everyday, it's not like heroin were you have to go to some bad neighborhood to find yor fix food is everywhere. I have to eat to live, and so the journey continues. One meal at a time, one bite at a time. Not too much not too little, 2/1 carbs/proteins. Not too much not too little. Don't eat out, don't eat late, great advice for those trying to shed a few pounds but for me if I don't start to take that advice, it's suicide. I don't wanna go blind, I don't want to loose my feet, I want to ski and golf like my grandpa till I'm 90.
    So this is day 1.5 to reduce that 11.5. It's a struggle, everyday, every meal, every bite and thing I put in my body is a thin line between nourishment and killing me. This is my weight loss story, it doesn't end with this sentence it's something I have do every day, hopefully I win, I don't wanna die...ever!
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