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    God with Mankind Rulers of the Universe

    God with Mankind Rulers of the Universe

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    Fact: America's GDP = about $17T
    Fact: America's debt = about $17.5T
    Ideal Debt level is about 35% of GDP, however America owes more than our Gross Domestic Product.
    Fact: Interest on debt paid annually = 7% of our budget or about $415B
    Fact: We do not pay down our debt but instead borrow more to make our out of control budget payable.

    Therefore the reality is America cannot afford to ever pay her debts and is acting on borrowed time. She is really not in a bargaining position. If we pay off the debt becoming the creditors of America, we would require 10% of the budget allowing all over $250B to $350B to go towards the actual debt with the intent of bringing the U.S. debt back down to 35% of the GDP. This would give us (the Zews) an operating budget of about $500B+ annually) or twice the GDP of the nation Israel. However, we think we can increase the U.S. GDP to upwards of $25T+.

    We will balance the world budget by creating a far system of pharmaceuticals, thereby eliminating a lot of diseases and illnesses, to create a society that can live past 125 years of age. This changes everything to include our educational systems to the need for social security benefits and will save Medicare. Once this is done under one God or Government we will together explore and conquer the universe. I do not think this mission is that complex, because with eternal life if it comes to that or even 500 years per lifespan, using a system of physical preservation meaning people are basically frozen and/or put to sleep years at a time. Therefore100 light years travailed can seem like a day, week, month or year.

    This would require an energy source, materials and technology that will allow us to travel at speeds we currently do not have the capability to travel at. It is my position that we will not require a lot of research, but will require the implementation of the necessary production process. Everyone needs to share our vision, but the movement towards accomplishing our goals will require a more complex management system, based on need to know.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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