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    Posted August 6, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    People Are 'Fed Up' and Sick of Being Stuck Where They Are - 'Mad as Hell' at Wall Street and Government

    So Wall Street caused the financial collapse on Main Street in 2008 and have gone unprosecuted by our government.
    They've been rewarded for their malfeasance with cheap money from our (their) Federal Reserve Bank and what have they done with the cheap money?
    Gambled more, invested less in the bricks and mortar of America that puts people back to work at good paying jobs.
    Microsoft just cut 18,000 jobs at Nokia and investors cheered!
    Companies are rewarded with higher stock prices not for investing in research but by cutting costs at worker's expense.
    Some will say, "Why invest here when a phone can be manufactured for less in Asia in our slave colonies".
    These same companies are using the 'Inversion" to save themselves the responsibility of being an American Citizen by listing themselves as having their 'home office" in a cheaper tax haven country so they can avoid American taxes yet still be allowed to lobby Congress to influence legislation and import their products back as an American company without paying a tariff. Pretty clever you say but what they don't pay, workers here make up the loss in higher taxes individually.
    And who allows this practice?
    Our government! It's all perfectly 'legal' for them, just not for you and me.
    Wages are flat. But the cost of everything workers buy has risen and continues to increase yearly.
    Congress won't raise the minimum wage so they can help keep the corporate profits up by squeezing the middle class.
    We're told the economy is improving but middle class voters ask, "For whom?"
    The rising stock market hasn't made Americans feel richer. Only 50% of people own stocks and have no confidence in the economy that now is designed solely for the rich oligarchy.
    one in three Americans are caring for a child that's older than twenty-one at home because that child can't find a job or a parent that's over sixty-five because of the rising costs of Medicare premiums and other costs that are squeezing retired Americans.
    People are sick of having to stay where they are because they can't afford to move to where they'd like, into a house they desire or retire instead of continuing to work long after they turn 65.
    "Why is this happening?", they ask themselves.
    What choices do Americans have in a political system where the two big parties of business take everything they can from workers and give it all to those that already have the most?
    People are frustrated with the leadership of America where they see their politicians' refusal to address their simplest needs before the Congress goes on yet another vacation so they can return to their districts and campaign to be elected again to do what?
    Yes, people are fed up with what they see with Wall Street having been rewarded instead of being punished by our government after having taken so much from so many without having been prosecuted and sent to jail for their crimes.
    And where do those big fines go when our government makes a 'deal' with the very banks that screwed us?
    Do we see the money?
    Have things changed in the way banks conduct their business?
    President Obama and Congress should look at the latest polling and reflect on why the American people feel the way they do about their leadership and their stewardship.
    When the American people now believe that their children will not have a better life than they have, there is something seriously wrong with our country.
    Our government has the wrong priorities.
    Americans have more pain than gain so it's no wonder that the government's numbers are in the tank.
    The country is not feeling good about where they are.
    Americans want Washington to pick up a shovel.
    But where is Congress? On vacation.
    Americans are in a toxic funk and the anger is building.
    Americans don't believe their children's generation will be better off than they are and that's the first time.
    Americans are fed up. Do your job, Congress.
    Washington had better wake up!

    ""The public seems have moved beyond the plaintive cry of ‘Feel our pain!’ to the more angry pronouncement of ‘You are causing our pain!’"


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