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    Posted August 5, 2014 by

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    Kiev's Decision to Implement Chemical Weapons Against Resistance Fighters Reconfirmed by Intelligenc


    Dear All, As previously said, Kiev is proceeding along the road of genocide and war crimes, this time they intend to use chemicals stored (and later on - chemical weapons proper) in the whereabouts of Donbass. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qORG0K76aI4   - German speaking viewers can read subtitles. Urgent message from  Igor Strelkov's  assistant  that has been published earlier today includes a piece of paper containing fire adjustment data for Ukrainian artillery. The militia, having dealt with the data, immediately reported to the very top. Igor Ivanovich (Strelkov) asked to immediately publish the data in photo format and relate of the Ukrainian army plans to shell the North-West of the town of Krasnoarmeysk. On the site to be affected by the shelling there is a storage of chemical waste - simply put, the burial ground. When appropriate wind cloud chemical compounds can cover Krasnoarmeysk and nearby settlements with a total population of under 100 thousand persons. actually, during the last briefing of Igor Strelkov it was made public that there is a potential threat of artillery attack especially on the treatment facilities of Donetsk and Gorlovka. Today we can talk about this as a highly probable event. URGENT: poroshenko intends to blow up the vault of chemical wastes in the Krasnoarmeysk - Strelkov's  assistant | Russian spring After watching today's UNO Security Council ad-hoc session convened by Russia re humanitarian disaster in Lugansk and other cities of Donbass, I feel absolute disgust towards if not organisation as a whole, than to many of those who held the floor for their outright blatant, cynical, mean lies, for their conspiracy of silence with regard to repeated use of non-conventional  phosphorus and cassette bombs, ballistic missiles against civilians!!! What dire cynicism on behalf of the organisation called SECURITY COUNCIL! Some of the persons claimed that only in areas controlled by resistance fighters there are lack of security, law, order, no medical aid etc. - specifically due to the fact that the area is controlled by resistance people - not to bombardments with some extremely large calibre shells (pls. see the photos of post-bombardment Lugansk). Let me tell you - resistance has done away with drug addiction having flourished thereto under Ukrainian "powers", they have dry law on the controlled territories, they distribute medicines to residents and feed them gratis, no matter what all the liars in the world, all assembled in nazi ukraine fan club, so it seems, choose to say!  Never since the start of this war against dissident regions had I heard people curse the resistance for the losses they incurred, NEVER! While poroshenko the bloody (that's his popular name) and his camarilla is cursed INVARIABLY! Neither of us should forget that about 90% of the population voted for separation from nazi Ukraine, and that's their deliberate choice not to be affected by whatever atrocities has this US servant in store for them. And way of thinking is not changed by senselessly brutal coercion, not with Russians! You will hear people damning poroshenko and

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