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    How we Rule the World Economy Already


    How we Rule the World Economy Already


    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano


    The significance of our paying the National Debt and placing ourselves as the sole creditors of the United States, thereby redirecting the interest payments back into the United States economy under our management. This is basically checkmate, this is Satan conceding to our victory that we may go on to bigger and better things, like exploring the universe in search of energy and other materials and places to create or adopt to its habitation.


    If we were to come across other life forms, who do you want to represent us, me or the Illuminati? How would these dummies communicate with another world and cannot even communicate with the intelligence in the sea? Some Dolphins have larger brains than man, so do you think they are incapable of high forms of communications? I know of no communication systems between man and sea. And what would be their introduction, the Jews are God's favorite people on earth? Well supposed we cross paths with other high forms of intelligence? Perhaps even higher than mankind, which will not take much? How would such foolishness be received?


    As far as other nations like Russia, China, Japan and so many third world nations, we as America had to take on the responsibility of redeveloping them after World War Two. And we do this over and over around the world. We get involved in very destructive wars, creating a demand for the redevelopment of these nations and therefore funding to support this major redevelopment projects, which include the creation of a new government and therefore legislation to govern.


    The way people see it is as if, America just randomly allowed anyone to benefit from our investment with the exception of us. So therefore not only did we build these nations, but now we are in debt to them and can never pay this debt off, because we are in too deep. Our national debt is over 100% our total GDP and we continue to borrow because spending is out of control fighting wars. But the truth is I Am Japan, I AM China, I AM Russia and I AM anyone who has control of money that is not under the control of the Illuminati, which is about everybody, because they are broke. All they have going for them is their lies and old weapons they are really afraid to use without deception. When all I ask is they get in their place, I AM God and they are Satan and therefore you work for me.


    I said this, because it seems like this is amateur hour and we need to enter into the big leagues. America is checkmate, the rest of the world is old news. So the issue as to who will fall in line with our economic conditions and environment, as far as nations working together as one government under me, has already been decided. The problem is under the current arrangements, they will never listen to these Bozo's.


    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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