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    Manila, Philippines
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    The Shooting down of MH17 is a Terrorist Act and a Crime Against Humanity: The bastard Americans must back off from the on-going international investigation Part I

    I am writing with regard to the catastrophic event that happened to MH17 concerning the horrible fate of the said ill-fated flight and the gruesome and horrendous deaths suffered by its 298 passengers.

    It was sudden, totally unexpected and horrific way to die, to say the least!

    I condemned, on behalf of humanity to the highest possible extent the evil and heartless perpetrators of these unmistakably demonic and dastardly acts of inhumanity and utter barbarism.

    What they did, whoever the hell they are without the slightest shadow of doubt is an act of terror and incontestably a crime against humanity.

    I am holding all of those bastard murderers responsible for this despicable and utterly disgusting international felony of universal scale.

    The reports are pointing the blame to the so-called pro-Russian rebels who are fighting Ukraine in order for them to secede from the latter and eventually rejoin Russia.

    Other reports are claiming that Russia is responsible by virtue of the fact that they are supporting those rebels and they are the one who had supplied them of sophisticated weapons.

    While Russia is saying that it is not them or those rebels but Ukraine who carried out the attack. They even stated that it was carried out by Ukraine in order for the said act to be blame on them.

    The US and its Western allies are specifically pointing to Moscow as the ultimate brains behind this horrible event. They even offered some satellite map to back up their allegation. However, a Russian general from the Defense department categorically stated that the said map was a hoax.

    Now, in the absence of clear, credible and convincing evidences, it is my view that we cannot jump the gun so to speak and immediately draw our conclusions.

    It is on this great sense that I am supporting the call of both the Dutch government and the Malaysian authorities for an international, impartial and independent investigation to ferret out the whole truth with regard to this matter.

    Said inquiry will collate all the pertinent data, relevant information and necessary and indispensable evidences that shall reconstruct the whole truth and reveal eventually who the real perpetrators are.

    If after the said investigation, it will be validated that it was indeed those rebels, then the whole worlds must condemn them and hold them responsible.

    The same is true, if the culprit is no other than Russia. They must answer for their murderous act.

    Yet, if I may ask, what would be the reaction of the world if it turns out that it was Ukraine who fired that fatal shot, bomb or missile?

    Will the world condemn Ukraine and hold them responsible?

    What if the evidence further revealed that it was not only Ukraine, but they did their evil act with the help and/or connivance of USA, will the world condemn America and hold it responsible?

    Barely 24 hours after the said tragedy, the Americans with their allies, are already telling the world that they have proof that it was the rebels who committed the said despicable act with the active participation of Russia.


    How certain are they that their allegation is correct, accurate and indisputable?

    May I remind the world of George Bush’s Mother of All Lies with regard to the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction allegedly being hidden by Saddam!

    Does the bloody world still remember?

    Bastard America with its allies, the so-called “Coalition of the Willing” (murderers and killers) begun the so-called War on Terror base on a lie!

    That lie plunged the Middle East and in a great part, the world into chaos, division, mistrust, distrust and hate!
    We are still reeling from the said fiasco!

    A warning to the international community and the whole world

    Never again believe directly, on the spot and point blank range what the Americans are saying, because history will clearly shows that they have a consistent history of lies and calumny to justify their act of going to war. Incontestably, they love to kill people, because they are war freaks!

    To quote from the article of David Redick, “13 Lies: An Abbreviated History of U.S. Presidents Leading Us to War”, The Activist Post, December 15, 2010:

    “Below are the facts on how we got into a few major wars. Each one could be (and has been) a book, and many other smaller wars also could be shown, so please forgive the brevity. The format is: war name; the lying President and the year it started; the stated reasons/lies for the war; and the real reasons.

    “1. War of 1812 (Madison, 1812) -- Lies: In 1812, Congress declared war on England based primarily on their kidnapping (‘impressment’) of our sailors at sea. Truth: To drive England out of N. America, so the war started with our failed invasion of Canada at Detroit. DC "expansionists" took advantage and started incursions to acquire Spanish Florida, and Mexican Texana territories.

    “2. Mexican-American (Polk, 1845) -- Lies: Fight to defend our Texas border with Mexico. Truth: The disputes started when residents stole The Republic of Texas from Mexico. We invaded and took the northern half of Mexico, now our entire SW region of five states.

    “3. Civil (Lincoln, 1865) -- Lies: Fight to end slavery and preserve the union. Truth: The South got tired of economic abuse by the North and had a perfect right to secede. It was not a civil war and it was unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral for the North to start a war to stop them. The Northern states who had the votes to control Congress, wanted to retain the South as a source of cotton and a customer for their manufactured goods (hence the high tariffs on imports in southern ports). Slavery was ended later by the Emancipation Proclamation, but only in Southern states, because the Union wanted the slaves as soldiers. Lincoln was a tyrant beholden to the railroad and canal interests; he jailed journalists and draft resisters who opposed him. Yet, to this day he is revered as a great President who saved the Union.

    “4. Spanish-American (McKinley, 1898) -- Lies: Spain blew up the US battleship Maine in Cuba’s Havana harbor. Truth: Hearst publicized, and Teddy Roosevelt mobilized, to use the accidental explosion to take over Cuba by starting a war in April, 1898. We then invaded the Philippines in May and annexed Hawaii in July. A busy time for the beginning of Empire-USA!

    “5. WWI (Wilson, 1917) -- Lies: Join Europe to "Make the World Safe for Democracy." Truth: Wilson was convinced to join by US and European industrialists who wanted to sell munitions and guns to the allies, and get paid when they won.

    “6. WWII (FDR, 1941) -- Lies; Defend the US from unprovoked attacks by Japan. Truth: FDR poked Japan until he got his "incident." because he wanted to be in the war and prevent Germany from winning and emerge as a superpower (with 1. England and France under his control, and 2. Japan and Italy as buddies). FDR wanted the USA to be the only post-war superpower (with 1. Germany under our control, and 2. France and England as buddies)

    “7. Korean (Truman, 1950) -- Lies: Defend America. Truth: Truman and the Generals wanted a reason to have troops in the Far East area of our Empire.

    “8. Vietnam (Kennedy, Johnson, 1964) -- Lies: Johnson said Vietnam attacked our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin in August, 1964. Truth: The US didn’t want to lose the Southeast Asia region, and its oil and sea lanes, to China. This "attack" was convenient. Kennedy initiated the first major increase in US troops (over 500).

    “9. Gulf War (G.H.W. Bush, 1991) -- Lies: To defend Kuwait from Iraq. Truth: Saddam was a threat to Israel, and we wanted his oil and land for bases.

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