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    Policy of double standards is a situation when the evaluation of the same actions of the subjects varies depending on what terms each of these subjects is with a evaluated one. In this case, the action of "their own" - loyal to evaluated one, are justified, while the same action of "strangers" - are reviled and considered unacceptable. At the moment this attitude is at the basis of American foreign policy.
    The United States applies this policy to many countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and recently, Ukraine. In these countries, in terms of internal confrontation of the population with the current government, the United States maintained every time the side of the conflict, cooperation with which will get the most.
    Currently, the policy of double standards pursued by the United States against Russia bacame the main reason to reorient foreign policy of the Russian Federation on cooperation with China. It must be admitted that Western sanctions have played a role in this case, the initiating factor. Constant threats on the use of the so-called economic sanctions from the West because of the position of the Russian Federation on the Ukrainian crisis, only prompted the Russian government to reduce any reliance on the United States and the EU.
    However, the PRC is not the only strategic partner of Russia in the region. Meaning of the"east" project is to bring to its implementation all the key players in the Asia-Pacific, and, first and foremost, of course, Japan.
    At the same time, Japan, a country that until recently has successfully cooperated with Russia in many oil and gas projects is led by Washington, organizing sanctions against Russia.
    These actions, in the first place, damage the Japanese economy and, more importantly, make any negotiations on a peace treaty impossible.
    As a result, it makes the need for a reorientation of Russian foreign policy from the unstable economic and political terms of Europe apparent.
    Currently, Russia's foreign policy is aimed at strengthening friendly relations with China and India, thereby creating a contrast to the union of Japan and the United States. An example of these is the signing in May 2014 the largest contract for the natural gas supply to China, and an increase in exports of products of the defense industry to that country.
    According to statements, made by experts from the Energy Development Fund of Russia, an access to the Chinese market with such large contracts is the beginning of the implementation of the eastern direction, which will provide a stable cash flow to Russia.
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