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    Lihue, Hawaii
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    Hurricane season 2014

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    Hawaii Hurricane Warning!!! "Getting Kicked Out Of Costco" while preparing for Iselle and Julio


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Jun Felipe is a Staff Sergeant stationed on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Tuesday night Felipe rushed to purchase food and water after hearing about the possibility of Hurricane Iselle making landfall.

    He captured this video after the power went out at a local Costco where he was in line to purchase hurricane supplies. "They told us we could either wait 30 minutes and hopefully the power would come back on or leave, we were getting kicked out basically. I was so frustrated and so was everyone else," he said.

    The Central Pacific Hurricane Center advised, "Tropical storm conditions are expected on the Big Island of Hawaii Thursday, with hurricane conditions expected Thursday night." Read the latest on this severe weather event on CNN.
    - taliaday, CNN iReport producer

    Published on Aug 6, 2014


    Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio WARNING!!!


    So ya..I just got off from work.. Went home and my neighbor Bruce mentioned to me about the 2 Hurricane that are going to hit Hawaii and possible Kauai..Really?? Where the heck was I at? How in the hell didn't I know about this? Oh ya..coz I was too busy Snorkeling at Anini Beach..lol.. - Anyway, So I ran 1st to the gas station to fill up my TRD..yup Tacoma..go figure..Full tank..Yes..then head to Walmart to get some water and canned foods..got the food..but No Water!! Oh Hell!! So left Walmart fasssttt!! Drove to Times Market..and guess what..Nope..No water either...Jesus Mary Joseph...damn..Ok last resort and this is about almost 8pm Costco and My last stop...drove, park, cart, costco card showed at the door..then boom..rushed to the water section..And guess what....NO WATER!!!! Oh hells bells...Plenty of People at Costo at 8pm looking for Water..Nothing to be found..I ran to the aisle where had all the gatorades and capri sun...I settled for them..got cases and cases of them..have to get something somehow..anyway..alright now at least I got something..but still no water...Now its about 8:20pm I go up to the register to pay...I got in line pretty fast...almost have to pay then BOOM!! Register Power from Costco Went Out!! What the heck man...what is really going on?? Then you know what...I look around and there are plenty of mad faces everywhere probably coz of the same thing I feel...going all over Kauai for water..late already..Hungry...and Now Power out...oh hell! Costco Representative tells everyone registers powers are out..and it's either we wait until 9pm to see if the power comes back on or At exactly 9pm...EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO LEAVE and Leave all of our carts full of food and drinks behind...What?? What is this?? Are they serious?? Am I being Punked??? Can this day be anymore bad??What the heck man...then....Around 8:58 BAM!! power comes back on...Thank you Jesus!! Not Everyday you get almost kick out of Costco...Only in Kauai. Moral is...No matter how busy you are...always find the time to listen to the News once in awhile..that way you can be proactive and stock up on Goods before it's too late...Thanks for Reading and Watching...Hope these 2 Hurricanes just passes and No damage to anything...May God Bless and Guide us always...This reminds me somewhat of one of my favorite movies "The Perfect Storm" Not quite..but close....Price we pay once a year for living in Paradise!!! Mahalo and Aloha!



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