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    How to check pnr status and predict ticket confirmation


    Check your pnr status for free, it's quick and easy. Also predict whether your ticket will be confirmed or not.


    Step 1: Find Right PNR Status Checking Site


    To check your PNR status quickly and accurately, you need to find the right website that provides faster lookups of pnr numbers.


    There are many sites available online that provides pnr status but you need to look for these things:


    Website without captcha verification - Sites with captcha often takes time to fill it correctly.
    Simple and clean design to make you feel good on the site.
    And faster load time to finish your job quickly.
    Here is the one that has all the above things www.mypnrstatuscheck.in


    Open the above site in your favorite browser. I prefer google chrome, torch or firefox based on the availability.


    Because browsers also contribute to the faster site loads. It is observed that the IE often loads sites slowly when compared to chrome or firefox.


    Step 2: Verify Your PNR Number


    Picture of Verify Your PNR Number
    If you are new to PNR and have no idea what it means then you will love to read this short and sweet explanation on PNR.


    PNR full form is Passenger Name Record. Which was used by the Airlines and Railways/Trains departments for managing online ticket reservation.


    PNR is a 10 digit number not less or greater than 10
    Every Passenger who books a ticket online/offline will be assigned a PNR number that is unique for that chart period.
    Once you make sure that you have got right PNR number with 10 digits.


    Open the site and enter it in the text box where it says, enter pnr and wait for few seconds. Generally it will take only 1 or 2 seconds in rare cases it may take upto 3 to 7 seconds.


    Step 3: Check your waiting list


    Now you have finished above 2 steps and got the PNR status in your next screen.


    Congrats!! If your PNR got confirmed, if not don't worry. Continue...


    Now, Your PNR was not confirmed and you would like to know that whether it will get confirmed or not by the time your journey starts.


    We have some tools to do this job online.


    Visit indiarailinfo.com/pnr and enter your pnr number to start predicting the confirmation.


    Reference: www.mypnrstatuscheck.in

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