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    Posted August 7, 2014 by
    Manila, Philippines
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    The Shooting down of MH17 is a Terrorist Act and a Crime Against Humanity: The bastard Americans must back off from the on-going international investigation Part II

    “10. Balkans (Clinton, 1999) -- Lies: Prevent Serb killing of Bosnians. Truth: Get the Chinese out of Eastern Europe (remember the "accidental" bombing of their embassy in Belgrade?) so they could not get control of the oil in the Caspian region and Eastward. Control land for bases such as our huge Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, and for the proposed Trans-Balkan Oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea area to the Albanian port of Valona on the Adriatic Sea.

    “11. Afghan (G.W. Bush, 2001) -- Lies: The Taliban we’re hiding Osama. Truth: To build a gas/oil pipeline from Turkmenistan and other northern ‘xxstan’ countries to a warm water (all year) port in the Arabian Sea near Karachi (same reason the Russians were there), plus land for bases.

    “12. Iraq (G.W. Bush, 2003) -- Lies: Stop use of WMDs -- whoops, bring Democracy, or whatever. Truth: Oil, defense of Israel, land for permanent bases (we were kicked out of Saudi Arabia) to manage the greater Middle East, restore oil sales in USD (Saddam had changed to Euros).

    “13. Possible Iran War (Obama, 201?) -- Lies: They almost have an atom bomb; they are a threat to Israel; major killer of our troops in Iraq. Truth: Control their oil, defend Israel, and restore oil sales in USD only (they changed to add Euros and others). We created the regional conflict and shouldn’t be surprised that all neighbors (including our "friends" in Saudi Arabia) are helping Iraq. We exaggerate the threat to Israel, especially as Iran has allowed inspections and Israel has not.

    “If you approve of the current Bush-Obama wars, but are resting safely at home, you should join the Army’s Chicken Hawk Brigade. There is no restriction on age or sex, and you will get an exciting front-line assignment promptly. Then, you won’t feel badly about sending others to fight your wars for oil, religion, and Empire-USA.”

    If I may add, how about the US lies with regard to Cuba? Why is it that up to now, the bloody embargo is still there?

    Question: Why is it that the Americans are so afraid of the Cubans?

    Warning to the American public

    The world now is much aware of the tricks, the lies and the methods of dramatics of your empire. You can no longer fool or dupe the international community.

    If it is true that you have evidence against Russia and those rebels, then why don’t you handed them to the international investigation?

    Stop irritating Russia and forcing them to the bloody wall, because we don’t know what the hell is going on in Putin’s head and we don’t know what the hell he is thinking.

    To the Americans, may I remind you that Russia is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. if you will not stop from charging Russia and they give in to your provocations and hostilities erupt, then that conflict may lead to a full scale war, sad but true, then that war will be World War III and that may be will be the end of all of us!


    It would be better if the bastard Americans will back off from this issue and not interfere with the on-going investigation by virtue of the undeniable fact that they do not have any credibility, civility and moral ascendancy!

    Hence, to the US government: Back off!


    My sincerest condolences and solidarity to all the love ones and families of all the victims of the ill-fated MH17!

    May you all live forever!!!

    Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

    Philosophy and Social Science lecturer
    Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Unibersidad de Manila

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