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    Posted August 7, 2014 by
    Dallas, Texas

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    DES Exposure & Gender Identity Issues

    This is my story about DES, I am 100% sure DES is the cause of my Gender Identity issues,

    My story starts way before 1952 when I was born in the UK . My parents had not long been married when my mum had a miscarriage. Not long after my parents tried again and I was conceived. I had a pretty awful time at school, The kids knew things were not right with me. I refused to play with the boys, hated football and always enjoyed being with the girls, I felt, as the other kids somehow knew, that there was something not quite right within me.

    At one time I clearly remember the teacher instructing the rest of the class to give me a good thumping because I refused to play the boys games - I hated sport, especially football and do to this day, and for that I was beaten up. I remember when I was around 10 or 11 reading in a newspaper, for in those days being transsexual was a big deal, about a transsexual and a police officer having a relationship, the story fascinated me - why I will never know but...

    Later I got married, even before that the feelings of somehow I was all wrong just grew, I craved the birth control pills (which contain oestrogen) that my now ex wife was taking. The years passed and I began to explore my feelings, it gradually dawned on me that I am transsexual, this was not an easy process and it involved considerable personal testing. I then got in contact with another transsexual person. I remember quite clearly that it was a Friday evening, and this person told me about DES, and in particular that she had cysts on her testes. The following day I rang my mum, I heard of her miscarriage, I questioned her about any pills or injections she had, she clearly remembers having some sort of injection - I surmise that this can, coupled with her miscarriage, only have been DES for I too had a cyst on one my testes

    I discovered this some 10 years ago, when the effects of DES on the sons and daughters of the women administered DES were less well known than they appear to be now. I have known for years about my skin, it is amazingly silky smooth all over, Today I went to see my doctor, I explained about DES and the affects it has on the sons and daughters of women who took this evil drug. My Doctor knew nothing of DES nor its effects on human beings. I then asked him to look at my skin and describe what age he though my skin related to, for I am almost 61 years old, he said around 30. The nurse who was with him said she had never seen skin like it on a 61 year old in all her career!

    I need and crave Oestrogen, it is the right hormone for me, it makes me feel happier than I have ever been in 50 years, for in those 50 years I have been unhappy every day I could remember with an internal torment I could never explain or satisfy, that is a living hell no one should have to endure.

    Its clear that those involved in the, production, and sale of DES will never be fully accountable for the pain misery and suffering cause to The sons and daughters of DES, neither will they admit to their horrific crimes, meanwhile the hell those hundreds of genetically born men and women suffer will continue until we die. The best I can hope for and wish is that this hell is not passed onto our children and their children too, that those responsible experience the same pain and suffering that we have had to experience through no fault of our own.

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