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    Posted August 7, 2014 by
    Phoenix, Arizona

    The American Revolutionary Party

    The American Revolutionary Party

    I am writing this because many institutions in the United States are badly in need of reform and deadlocked practices have stagnated any possible solutions to progress.

    In a few days a Web Page System will be released containing a great deal of further information and contact information and means. A search on the term, “American Revolutionary Party”, will yield the actual web page name and location, at some future point an alternative free speech internet provider to be named, “Anono-Net.com”, will be formed to provide a free speech and unregulated alternative to the controlled and regulated internet systems such as Yahoo, and Google, that will be owned and operated by the American Revolutionary Party, providing totally FREE internet access to anyone who desires it for any reason whatsoever. At another latter date, the formation of an unregulated internet free-speech news network, to be known as “Truth-Net.com”, will be attached and associated with this service to disseminate the Truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, of what our government, politicians, and military are really doing and how our money and soldiers are really being spent and deployed that benefits which interests and control groups. The time has come for the truth to be known, corruption exposed and political crimes to be prosecuted and disciplined with extreme and harsh penalties for corruption and abuse of power and public monies.

    The Party is being formed for the purposes of peaceful, non-violent, non-confrontational social-political REFORM of the American Political, Governmental, Judicial, and Law Enforcement systems in place in the United States of America today. To address real issues of concern that affect the common people of the United States, such as, Good Paying Jobs for the working class citizens of this Nation. Regulatory Laws outlawing corrupt and harmful political practices such as filibustering, pork-barreling, professional lobbying, Graft, Bribes and Miss-use of political authority for the purposes of personal gain. A total and complete reform of the State, County, and Federal Prison and Correctional systems banning Prisons for Profit institutions, and limiting Prison terms to reasonable and corrective uses ONLY. Punitive incarceration of persons for minor offenses will be abolished, only serious crimes, dangerous persons, would be sent to prison at all. Crimes involving drug abuse, or other such matters that do not directly harm or disrupt others would not be prison offenses at all, they would be delegated to reform programs run by specialists in the fields of behavior modification and correction, locking such persons down at great expense to the public hasn't worked, and will never work, it is a waste of time and money badly needed for effective programs that would work in directly assisting persons to overcome such problems. A total abolish of the probation system in entirety, the function of the prison system needs to be REFORM, not PUNISHMENT, the process of reformation needs to be performed within the prisons, not outside of them in a probation system, adding more departments, personnel and costs to the reformation process needlessly, draining revenue and resources away from other badly needed public services and programs.

    There are a great many things wrong with our nation at this time, a great deal of covert and hidden political crimes go unreported and are never prosecuted or penalized. The practice of immunity granted to persons in positions of authority, who abuse their position and harm persons of the general population as a result of incompetence, or deliberate or accidental miss-use of their position must be abolished. Police, Judges, Prosecutors and Politicians who harm others, either by accident, incompetence, or deliberate willful acts, will not be granted immunity for their crimes, they will be charged, prosecuted and incarcerated just like common citizens are.

    The core directive principles of this party is to return to the People of the United States, the power and control of our government based upon the concepts, theories, and guaranteed rights and liberties outlined and explained by the founding fathers of our nation in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights, of the United States of America, to strip the Federal Government of it's domination of the independent States, and to return control of the government to the local levels, under the direct control of the people. Further regulatory Bills and Laws need to be enacted to prevent this type of corruptive process from ever occurring again in the future. Power and Authority must rest with the people, not with elected bodies who serve themselves and not the office they hold.

    Economic integrity and responsibility must be included in this reformation process, the practice of exporting jobs and labor overseas to lower the cost of products in the market, but sacrifices the badly needed employment opportunities for the common people, cannot be allowed to continue, it must be outlawed, banned, and classed as a Felony Offense with severe penalties. The practice of employment of unregistered and undocumented visitors to our nation, at the expense of the employment of resident citizens cannot be allowed to continue, if a person is not a citizen, and does not posses a valid work permit, employment of such a person at any level, at any type of compensation, would be a serious Felony, with harsh and severe penalties for both the employer and the employee. Foreign manufacturers, wishing to market their products in the United States must be required to produce 50% of their goods in the United States, employing United States Citizens at market value employment rates, failure to comply would result in seizure of all their assets in the United States, and banning of their products from the import into the United States.

    We are facing serious ecological problems as well, and these problems must also be addressed in a realistic and workable manner. We cannot continue to burn petro chemicals and other burned fuels indefinitely to power our industries, technologies and machines, these resources are not infinite, they are limited, and the oxidants and by products produced are deadly and harmful to the Earth and to living beings. Programs to develop new energy sources must be implemented quickly and realistically, Solar Panels, Solar Heat, Wind Mills, Geo-Thermal Power, Ocean Differential Power Systems, Safe Nuclear and Nuclear Breeder Reactors must be explored, designed and built to replace the existing power systems we use today, over a gradient of time that is realistic and workable. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail”.

    Our fresh water supplies are being diminished, the underground aquifers used to irrigate much of our crops are being drained at an alarming rate, this must be studied, understood, and restored if at all possible, and if that is not realistically feasible, alternative water sources must be located and secured. We cannot grow crops without a vast supply of fresh water, this is a very serious problem. Chief Joseph once said, “You cannot feed your children your gold metal”.

    No political agendas are directly addressing any of these types of issues on a national and local basis, we are heading for a series of mega disasters, in rapid succession, if we do not plan and anticipate for these types of problems we all face, and begin the processes of building the structures to provide realistic and workable solutions to these issues.

    These are the real issues we face; employment, corruption, alternative energy sources, ecology issues, excessive federal meddling in local control of state governments, reform of the legal, judicial, law enforcement and correctional systems, and reform of congressional practices.


    Daniel Laurant Aster-Rose
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