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    Posted August 8, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Iraq? Again? We Need to Believe Our Government But Most Don't Anymore

    The bombs are falling on Iraq again.
    "This time", we're being told, "it's necessary."
    But that infers that the last time wasn't. Was anyone prosecuted for lying to all of us over the mushroom cloud that was imminent were we not to act?
    Now, ISIS is taking over in Iraq and poses a threat to the entire region, so we're told. And it may be true this time. Remember the story about the little boy that called, "WOLF?"
    Maybe our government and media should read it.
    Or not. Maybe they just believe the American people are so stupid that most will continue to support their 500 pound bombs being dropped because 'they' say it's necessary.
    Some of us have our doubts.
    But the questions don't stop with this newest threat to peace in the Middle East.
    Many are asking, "Who gave ISIS the weapons to begin with? Did they capture all they are now using from Iraqis that ran or did they have weapons from the U.S. they used to fight Syria's Assad?
    Did Putin start all that's going on in Ukraine as we're told or with the Russian released secret recording of Victoria Nuland's 'F the EU' comments, did we have involvement in another coup?"
    We're told that unemployment is down, that inflation doesn't exist, that the bank practices that lead to the financial collapse in 2008 have been reined in, that gas prices are back to normal, and that the economy is all good.
    Which of these statements do you believe?
    Where did the bombs come from that pummeled the Palestinians? And who paid for Israel's Iron Dome? Were American's consulted?
    Yes, we have many questions.
    What we need is truth.
    When we feel we're being lied to by those we should trust but don't anymore, can we believe them when they say there's another threat that needs bombing?
    And it's not always blatant lies but lies by omission.
    When they say that 208,000 jobs were created last month, do they say what type or at what hourly amount these new hires are getting compared to what job they lost before? No.
    When they say that the economy is getting better, do the qualify that by saying, "For whom?"
    No. Of course, both sides of the political aisle believe that it's their side that is telling the truth.
    The question that we need to ask ourselves is, "Why do the prosecute the Bradley Mannings, attack WikiLeaks, and accuse Edward Snowden of being a spy?
    Our government told us we weren't being spied on, but then we find from the Snowden documents that we are.
    Any wonder why they don't like whistleblowers?
    We shouldn't have to second guess our government or media, but unfortunately, we do.
    How many times do they expect us to to come running to their support when they cry, "WOLF"?
    And when the wolf really shows up, what then?
    Many of us simply don't believe government anymore. It's not because of what they say, so much anymore, but instead, because of what they do.
    Like I said, maybe they should read the story about the boy who called wolf, when there was no wolf, and understand the outcome of the story when the wold really showed up.
    Fix the real economy instead of the figures and act to make a difference for those you're supposed to represent- your constituents and your viewers.
    Maybe then, you can regain the trust of Americans, but it will take a while to heal the damage you've done to your own integrity and trust.
    Trust is the most important quality a person can have. And trust is the most important trait government can engender in it's citizens.
    In order to move forward, government needs the trust of those that must support government's actions.
    The belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective and truthful is essential to accomplish anything that requires the support of those that work to make ideas become a reality.
    But what happens when someone or government lies?
    Or when one or both political parties lie?
    Or our news media leaves things out of their coverage?
    And why does the government and our media believe it's not in our best interest to know all the details?
    People can make informed choices about who they want to represent them and what America's foreign policy should be if they know the truth.
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