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    Posted August 8, 2014 by
    canton, Michigan
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    Palestine the Truth

    I am sick and tired of all the pro israeli people telling and repeating lies to try and justify their occupation of a people for over 65 years . If it wasn't for the US and Great Britan there would be no Israeli country, It would still be called Palestine where for hundred's of years Palestinians of all faiths ( Christian, Muslim, Jewish, )lived very comfortable with each other (no fighting, no killing, ) When the European Jews pushed for a Israeli state and got it in 1948 It was not a peaceful time, The Israeli terrorists (its real! look it up) headed by Menachim Begin a former Israeli prime minister, began to kill men women and children and kill and blow up entire towns with the people in them. The Palestinians fled to all over the world and have been living in camps for all this time in other countries, and on the West Bank. The practice of killing Palestinians, men women and children and putting them in concentration prisons for years without trials or any kind of democratic justice has been going on for over 65 years. The indiscriminate killing of thousands of men women and children in so called attempts to defend isreal every few years . How many Israeli's have been killed and how many Palestinians, How many homes and cities have been leveled in Israel compared to what has been done in the west bank and gaza, you will find that
    the suffering is 95 percent on the Palestinian side. Hundreds of Thousands have been killed, wounded, jailed, expelled, compared to a few hundred Israelis in the last 65 years. Why has Israel always refused having United Nation troops to patrol the Borders, all countries with disputes have UN troops over the years, but Israel refuses these troops. (its because they do not want anyone to see what they are doing to the Palestinian people), Do you think any people can live under these conditions for 65 plus years and not be upset. Do you think that every time a peace process is achieved between Israel and the Palestinians and the Israelis get what they want and the Palestinians get nothing, Do you think that watching their family members die men women and children and baby's due to the air strikes, the strikes from the naval ships, the settlers living in illegal settlements, The check points, the blockade of the entire west bank and gaza strip DO YOU THINK THIS IS RIGHT AND MAKES THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE LIKE ISRAEL.. The Irish fought and won their independence, and so has many peoples, But because Israel Govt, makes so much money from
    staying in a war status they will never make peace.. Israel is a Country that is used to launder money from Jews all over the World, Money comes in from Countries and gets funneled back to Jewish corporations to increase their power and influence over their host country. If they had peace all that would stop. Bottom Line is make a Palestinian state that includes what the United Nations , United States and Great Britian decided when they made Israel and than you will have PEACE in the Middle East. Its the only thing that hasn't been tried yet, I do not mean cease fire, or maybe I mean do what the 1948 United Nations decision states. Until then this conflict and all the deaths on both sides are Isreal's fault, Until than, complaining about a rogue govt. does not make anybody anti anything, its just the truth, but nobody can every say anything bad about Israel or Jewish people without getting labeled or fired or flaunted as anti jewish, The people of the world are now seeing the truth due to the INTERNET AND SOON THERE WILL BE A RISE AGAINST JEWISH PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD, The fate of Israel and the Jews are in their hands, They need to make sure History does not repeat itself, people like good people not tyrants. Its got nothing to do with a persons nationality or religion its got do to with their HUMANITY.

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