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    Avon Park, Florida
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    How Easy It is to Destroy Israel

    How Easy It is to Destroy Israel

    If a Suitcase Nuclear bomb covering 7,000 sq miles ignited it would cause un-repairable damages on Israel if ignited on the Gaza Stripe. Israel would no longer exist that fast as we know it. They would in retaliation fire off their ICBM nukes that our nuclear umbrella would defends us and our future interest against. America is actually self sufficient in things needed to run our economy. Because the middle east and their oil would be destroyed. We all know they exist (suitcase bombs), because we sold Israel one that they used on 9/11. So if nobody knows or hears me they have ears.

    Knowing this how these people continue to do me anyway they feel they can or try to control those people in this high tech society using ancient iron hand ruler ship. They can easily be destroyed in a flash, if just a few Palestinians decided "I have nothing to live for and the world is profiting off of my obedient to this evil. So the hell with it. What makes you think you can buy one but they can't get one for free?

    And all it would take is for someone to give such a device to someone who really means he wants to be a suicide bomber.

    My point is we must start educating the world based on not a fantasy or a bunch of superstitions, but on the truth. Or it will all certainly be destroyed. And Europe and the Illuminati will suffer the most. They are the one's who need these resources and not America.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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