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    Posted August 8, 2014 by
    Puyallup, Washington

    Cannabis and Science Leaders Join to Improve Lives and Communities

    Seattle, Washington, August 4, 2014/-- DMOG LLC , a US based company specializing in cannabis production and processing announces the plan for the ground breaking of the first current Good Manufacturing practices (cGMP) compliant facility in Puyallup, Washington to produce pharmaceutical grade cannabis products. DMOG's fracturing technology, it's industry connections and close-ties with the Cannabis and Hemp Workers Rising division of the UFCW National, provided the ability to supply state university's medical facilities with research and also development corporations access to pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids with up to 400+ of the 700+ compounds in medical cannabis in pure forms. The company will roll out it’s proprietary one of a kind production and manufacturing platform to produce specific combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes to treat unmet medical needs specific to the western world including diabetes, cancer and neurological conditions of our aging population such as Alzheimer’s. Not only prioritizing in medical aid for diagnosed illnesses, but DMOG is capable of producing the same effective products as current marketed medications for sick children at a fraction of the cost and without the 8 month wait period for the developing process of the medicine has the process period maxes out at only 110 days.

    Within the last few months, the company raised funds to drive DMOG’s Research and Development to complete the feasibility studies and pilot runs confirming the validity of the process to produce these refined cannabis products. The company has acquired and has scheduled the ground breaking ceremony of Washington’s states first current Good Manufacturing practices (cGMP) compliant facility to process cannabis in September 2014.

    The purification and concentration of compounds from cannabis and the specific recombination of these compounds at defined amounts will provide the formulation of many pivotal targets for drug development. These highly concentrated, pure and specific cocktails will be tailored to treat conditions and are not yet available on the extracted concentrate market. DMOG Purification platform will provide cannabinoids in levels and combinations to accentuate what is naturally found in cannabis and in a far purer form than currently unavailable. The isolation and characterization of top quality products are required for the observational studies, toxicology and preclinical studies leading to clinical trials.

    Cannabis has a history of use dating back thousands of years and there recently has been an explosion of peer-reviewed scientific publications that document the biological effects of cannabinoids. The ability of these molecules to mimic the effects of endogenous cannabinoids that regulate everything from the sleep cycle, feeding patterns, inflammation, addiction, and mood allow them unique ability to alter and enhance fundamental cellular signaling processes. The specific interactions and synergistic effects of the molecules of cannabis with the endocannabinoid system has only begun a course along a path of research required to gain a scientific understanding of the effects on the human body. Cannabinoids have a rare quality of being rapidly up-taken and readily cross the blood brain barrier making them ideal drug candidates. In addition, these molecules are endowed with antispasmodic, antioxidant and anti- cancer qualities that have yet to be harnessed for their full beneficial potential.

    The company is working with leading experts to initiate clinical studies using pharmaceutical grade cannabis and refined cannabinoids as well as terpenes in various formulations for topical and oral applications to treat various conditions. DMOG’s partners are a diverse group of specialists in cannabis agriculture, research, development, and manufacturing. Through partnerships and collaborations, the company will drive the development of the most promising lead candidates through completion of clinical trials onto market, the necessary first steps in legitimizing the medicinal use of the unique molecules found in cannabis.

    DMOG LLC, a Union Cannabis Employer, has been advising other State's leaders on how to implement their own medical cannabis programs using the mistakes made by WA and others so their programs work not only effectively but also create union jobs with a "Living wages," bringing the communities more money spent in restaurants, stores and most importantly American jobs that can not be out sourced to another country.

    " Puyallup, like every other Washington community, needs good jobs, said T.J. Lauritsen of the Cannabis Workers Rising campaign of the UFCW. “DMOG is bringing strong, family-supporting high tech jobs to our friends and neighbors. We work hand-in-hand to make jobs like these some of the best in the industry and the best in Washington state.”
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