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    I am GROOT. We are GROOT.


    “Travel to the future is a relatively easy process, at least compared to backwards time travel. We shall see that the most basic results of special and general relativity will allow us to make a trek to the future. But beware, before we set off to see our grandchildren and great-grandchildren we should be aware that getting back to our own time is not an easy affair and may not be possible at all.” By Bryan J. Méndez, Berkeley University


    Tonight – after I have seen a movie, you will figure out soon the title of it as this is my reward that you keep reading on - I, Art Blue, got a transmission from the root of the galaxy. It was coded G R O O T and it had content. Avatar generated content I call it -- as user generated content sounds so odd in the world I live. GROOT - the Galaxy´s Root - GROOT a life form? Can you believe? The transmission just monitored by DRON7, the planet discovered a few years ago by Zeno Astronen. Readers of The Artefact, published in rez Magazine, know more and know that this might be of Real Life impact what I am talking now as pictures have been shown in Apothiki Art Gallery in Paros [Greece] and at Cap San Diego in Hamburg [Germany], seen by thousands. Even Real Life is a fiction. I know using this term brings more attention. I hope it works and you continue to digest facts that will make you speechless.


    There are transmissions from DRON7, coded ones from outer space on a daily basis. The artist Neo Prim engraved some of them in glass and on canvas, to be correct on Pyramid Media. The date coded: year 2035. You know as a reader of The Artefact, Neruval, the AI made by Tyrell Corporation, can bend time. So this story may happen here and now. Today? The signs carry a message, a message with coded art and life DNA in it. Life DNA, the code of the root of the galaxy. Worth to read more for sure! And this can´t wait.


    So it comes to the message GROOT sent. He said: “Spread my message for the purpose of art and the benefit of mankind”. I do it for GROOT – the Galaxy. I think the root of the name comes from there - not from the company leader in waste recycling in Illinois that celebrates this year it´s 100th anniversary and has the commercial domain name rights on its own – no ways! – just the opposite! GROOT is not waste, not just a tree, he is a life form to respect. Not to be misunderstood: Recycling has high importance and will be needed to be done until the end of days. But not with life forms.


    Maybe this life form with the coded message wants to gain attention and he is not GROOT, he is just a forest tree with a number in the planters land the HG safari visited last month and needs urgent to be watered? But such thoughts I keep with me. GROOT has chosen me to bring his message to mankind. Me! He said I managed to pass the barrier of 100 readers tonight. I had to laugh. 100 is nothing in our world, but he disagreed - and he is right. Flechter´s visions had 7 readers and became a danger for some government units and the editor of the magazine Mel Gibson was thrown into a - oh let´s forget this story. He said if the right ones are reading it or asking for support then it counts. I think he ment himself. Gained my iReport “My kingdom for a horse” his attention? Or was it the gardener in DREAMT FOREST created for the 2nd Santorini Biennial by Uan Ceriaptrix who called him? The call for PEACE MECHANISMS 1.668 artists followed this year for Santorini?


    Whatever the reason might have been he invited me to visit the land of Matoluta Sanctuary for his transmission to earth to support the idea of the conservation of horses and, he added …

    … of all life forms.


    Mz Marville, the caretaker of the land, got tired after some hours of waiting on his arrival – maybe she did not truly believe that GROOT will come - so I waited alone and the musicians had already left, but it was worth to wait. He came via – he called it a rezzer made by Renn Yifu - and he tried to play the drums! I have no ideas what he means by a rezzer. Could be a light speed enhancer, a magic box. For me it looked like a world in a box where you just click on it and it opens and - to speak metaphorically - “I DREAM OF JEANNIE” steps out. But it was not Barbara Eden or Larry Hagman who stepped out, it was GROOT. He insisted I shall use this name as it is called “the display name concept” in this world. It would dishonor him to use a different one I like, like Captain Troy Tempest, as I think a rezzer has something with a spaceship in common. How could a life form be kept alive over such a distance of light years in a box? Must be a pilot for sure. Maybe Renn Yifu knows. On the box was written “made in mesh” - have you ever heard of this material or technology? He must be a genius to bring such a life form to earth in a one step transmission in a mesh box.


    GROOT handed me out a note from Zaaf he first gave to Mz Marville, but Mz was, as I said, sleeping. I failed to wake her up. Mz I trust, so I publish it, even not understanding what I publish. But this is always the case when you have seen a movie by Marvel Comics the night before and your thoughts drift. So head to the next theatre to join the Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe then it is time to read again.


    "Philosophically, I'd have to agree. All things/people/ideas are dependent upon other things/people/ideas, so we can't exist independently without either upsetting a necessary balance in some arena. Therefore, there is no duality of the absolute and the relative. They become one and the same due to the inherent nature of interconnectedness in all things both spiritual and natural. There's an overlap, certainly, in some modern religions. If you are Wiccan, this could be one of the tenets of your belief system, as Wicca embraces the idea of essential connections between humans and nature. The philosophy has its roots in Buddhism, but has cropped up in other belief systems since then." [Words by Zaaf reported by Mz Marville, caretaker in the Matoluta Sanctuary].


    I am GROOT. We are GROOT.


    Enjoy the movie J and visit the land of the horses and the forests to dream.



    [This is an artistic text to gain attention on the unlimited creativity happening in virtual worlds by creators who might never get known. All trademarks are respected. All terms used are common in virtual realms. Dont ask to hesitate Art Blue in SL or in Metropolis grid, but first watch the movie and meet the real GROOT.]

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