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    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Kernels - The Week That Was - August 1-8, 2014


    Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks! No Hulls! No Shucks!

    The latest headlines and current events with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for the week of August 1-8, 2014.

    Since  my last edition over a week ago when I was sidelined with a recurring  infection, a brief hospital stay and ongoing conditions' conditions,  seems the world has reeled from one crisis to the next minute by minute  and hour by hour.

    I recently wrote, The World Is Burning. This week has revealed those wildfires are even more out of control than they were and spreading.

    I also asked the question recently if our nation, the world was afflicted with Selective Concern for Life?

    In  light of events unfolding over the past 24 hours it would appear that  the answer to that question became evident - at least where the position  of the US government is standing.

    While  thousands upon thousands have been slaughtered over the past two to  three years in various hot spots around the globe, the US of A is now  acting out of humanitarian concern and involving our nation in Iraq  again after pulling out of the country two and a half years ago.

    Not that this action should not be taken, but still one wonders what about the others also facing genocide?

    Yes,  the world is burning as brother turns against brother, nation rises  against nation, ethnic and religious tensions are at the point of  volcanic eruption. But it is not just mankind's inhumanity against  humanity causing the carnage and despair.

    In the past week, Mother Nature has shown she is not happy either.

    We  have seen and heard earthquakes in divers places leaving behind  injured, displaced and loss of life. Typhoons have swept one after the  other striking Asian countries with death and destruction.

    There  have been mudslides and sides of mountains and hills tumbling downward.  After 22 years without worrying about a hurricane, Hawaii is getting  the double whammy of two hurricanes in a matter of days.

    1.  Ukraine Escalation - The war between pro-Russian separatists, with the  backing of the Russian military, have stepped up their war of secession  against the government of Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces have responded  in kind and pressing to regain territory lost to the rebels. Ukrainian  military units are moving forward to take back Donetsk.

    The  Russians are amassing more troops along the border and poised to launch  an attack. While back in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin is cutting  his nose off and banning the import of food items from the US and  Europe.

    Putin has decided the Russian people cannot eat cake.

    International  investigators in frustration and fear for their lives have had to  abandon the site of the downed Malaysian Flight 17 in a field of  sunflowers growing rancid from bodies of those murdered left to rot in  the sun.

    But the world's attention is turned elsewhere.

    2.  Forgotten Syria - The three-year civil war in Syria seems to have  become the newest forgotten hot spot. With the Islamic State firmly  implanted in the northeastern portion of Syria, Syrian President Bashir  al-Assad continues to wage battle against his own people.

    The once idea of humanitarian assistance to Syrians has been shoved to the back of the cupboard.

    3.  Return of the Dark Ages - Are the buzz words sounding the death knell  of this "age of enlightment" as the candle flickers threatening to go  out on reason and logic. Crusaders, infidels, convert or perish, blood  libel - all dredged up from the distant past of humanity's days of  darkness.

    Muslim  radicals returning to the days of conversion at the point of the sword  as the Caliphate locks down its hold on a large swath of Iraq. Western,  Christian nations coming to the aid of those preferring death to life  under the Islamic State appear to the rank-and-file of the Caliphate as  the armies of Richard the Lionheart, Frederick the Great, riding in to  keep Jerusalem for the Holy See.

    The  disastrous Children's Crusade, a ragtag mob of adolescents, resembles  how terrorist groups are raising their offspring to prepare to die for  jihad.

    Are we returning to a time when a blight struck humanity leaving its impact to this day and will as greatly impact the future?

    We can only pray not.

    4.  My Way or No Way - Hamas and its aligned terror comrades have made it  clear that there will be no peace in Gaza unless their demands, and only  their demands, are met.

    After  72 hours of calm, Islamic Jihad spoke with rockets for Hamas on whether  a cease-fire with Israel could continue. The Palestinian Authority and  Egyptians are clearly starting to be annoyed by the stubbornness of  Hamas.

    Yet, still, the words remain the same - Palestinians good, Israelis bad.

    I attempted to explain the logic of Hamas recently, but I am still baffled.

    You tell me: The Spin - Defies Logic?

    Secretary  of State John Kerry after being rebuffed by his efforts to bring about a  truce between the warring factions is sitting on the sidelines.

    5.  Back to Iraq - You read that right. Thursday night President Barack  Obama announced that he has authorized airstrikes against the Islamic  State inside Iraq. The President also announced that humanitarian drops  of water, food, medicine had begun to prevent the genocide of the  Yazidis trapped on a mountain in northwestern Iraq.

    This was the right thing to do.

    Military  commentators all day have been saying they cannot see, however, the  President will be able to back up his vow of no American troops on the  ground.

    The  former military officers all seem to be of one mind that airstrikes  alone will not get the job done of both protecting American personnel,  stopping genocide and allowing for the Iraqi people to come together to  work out their political problems.

    Unless  the Caliphate is wiped out, destroyed, defeated, kicked out - what the  future holds may be even bleaker than the present, according to our  military experts.

    These are not partisans speaking, but professional military leaders who served the nation honorably.

    The big question has been why now?

    Why  did President Obama decide to act now to provide humanitarian relief  when so many other situations have seen genocide, seen people needing  rescue, provisions, aid?

    Yes, I believe the President is doing the right thing - but - what tipped the scale?

    6.  Ebola Outbreak - Perhaps one of the scariest scenes playing out  highlighting Mother Nature's displeasure is the viral disease Ebola that  may soon become a global crisis.

    Two  American aid workers, infected with the disease, were flown back to the  US of A and undergoing treatment at Emory University Hospital in  Atlanta, Georgia. The hospital is one of four in the US with isolation  units able to safely treat the patients afflicted with the dreaded  virus.

    Both Americans were given an experimental drug which appears to have brought about immediate improvement to their conditions.

    This has those in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria asking what about our sick and afflicted who are dying?

    Don't their lives matter as much as the American lives?

    The  problem seems to be twofold - not enough of the medication to go around  and unsure of any adverse effects which may be worse than Ebola.

    7.  Better Luck Next Time - The Republican establishment successfully held  off the last chance for the Tea Party to upset sitting officials and  establishment candidates for the fall 2014 Midterm Elections. But  Republicans and Democrats still have much to worry about come November.

    After  both chambers of Congress left for a five-week vacation, leaving behind  the humanitarian crisis on our own southern border, a yet-to-be-fixed  immigration system and other issues, members of Congress and Senators  will have a lot of explaining to the folk back home.

    To  their credit, the Congress did manage to pass legislation to fix a  scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs Administration and to fund the highway  transportation fund before disappearing.

    Well that's just a part of what has caught my attention over the week that was, August 1-8, 2014.

    Tune in next week for another edition of Kernels From the Cornfield.

    I will be returning to the doctor on Monday with a good chance of another hospital stay.

    I am Mark Ivy.

    Good evening.

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