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    Posted August 8, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Why We Shouldn’t Really Care about Palestinians: And the Real Cost of Real Estate

    If you were to ask an Israeli Jew what he thought about the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict that ignited into a full blown conflagration three weeks ago, you might get a befuddled look of confusion. But it isn’t the average everyday Israeli Jew that runs the current bloodbath against a people who are only partially responsible for their current state of malaise in the Gaza Strip. It is the Zionist Zealots that are the equivalent of blond-haired blue-eyed Nazis who just woke up in the 21st Century.

    I suspect if political correctness had not been born in America 20 years ago, than Zionists would have a substantially more difficult time in “outing” anyone who disagreed with their position, and consequently taking the falsified moral high ground that to be against us, is to be an anti-Semite. Even gilded Hollywood is a little queasy on this one ---- and rarely does anyone speak out, since nobody wants to be the next Mel Gibson.

    Text Book Zionists
    Extreme right-wing Zionist Jews, who seem to exhibit a text book example of under-endowed men who over compensate for their lack of appendage size, are never ones to let a good crisis go wasted. In all fairness, perhaps this might be in connection with their kosher diets, which is primarily meatless and cleansed of its impurities.

    To be clear, and as a commentator on mostly finance/real estate related issues, previous commentaries, let’s say 20%, give recognition to political issues. Similarly, and in fact, invoking the 80/20 rule, an aphorism that many finance/real estate/sales professionals are imminently familiar with –-- and in my unequivocal opinion, along with many American Jews I might add who are less hawkish about eviscerating Palestinians off their small strip of real estate in Gaza --– believe Israel is about 80% responsible for the current crisis, which traces its origins to the six day war in 1967.

    Ironically, extreme right-wing Zionists almost have an Aryan Nation-esque version of themselves in connection with self–image and puritanical self preservation. (Like they’re the chosen ones, or something?). One can be confident, that they’ll be milking WWII into the next millennium. From a logical and cultural point of view, this goes against the common thread of most Torah-thumping normal Jewish folk, who consider such extremes unhealthy.

    According to Haaretz, which is Israel's oldest daily newspaper, and is known for its staunch left-liberal stance on domestic and foreign issues, they noted, citing a CNN/ORC International poll conducted July 18 thru July 20, that “…while 43 percent found Israel to be using the "right" amount of force in the struggle with Hamas, nearly 40 percent thought it is using too much.” Haaretz also noted: “As for the waning support, a February poll found that 72 percent of Americans support Israel. That figure has dropped to 60 percent.”

    Nifty Netanyahu and Obscure Obama
    The Likud party, which is run by Benjamin Netanyahu, has an over obsessive no holds barred disposition against Hamas. Which quite frankly, is not an all unreasonable position given that the Hamas mandate is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    However, even we Americans, whilst pissed off at Al-Qaeda and the Taliban for 9/11, and despite our “no negotiation” policy with terrorists, are still willing to do a deal with related-terrorist parties and their subcontractors. Our recent ‘deal sheet’ includes sealing the deal with Syria on chemical weapons; and we got the ink with Iran on centrifuges, which was all about our man Kerry (before he opened his big mouth), being “a one call closer” with our former Axis of evil adversary.

    Given the current American presidents’ coloration and hue, where many in the not-so-free world erupted in jubilation with his 2008 election and his now famous Egypt speech at Cairo University in 2009, which was at the time the defacto mission statement that put Israel on notice that it ought not provoke people of color; you’d think America would be a slightly more generous ally for a political underdog, such as the Palestinians. But not so quick!

    In pathetic retrospect, some would label our president the following: Obama: The Mother of all Morons.

    Why? He breached Rule 101 in sales. The maxim: Under sell, Over deliver. An American presidents’ modus operandi cannot be imprecise, vague and contradictory. Consequently, his epic (and eloquent) Egypt speech manifesto elevated an unachievable benchmark. In another words, Mr. Obama bought in too high.

    Whilst it's human nature to cave in to peer pressure, Obama created a legal impossibility. He reduced himself to the court jester. Even Shakespeare would be perplexed --– and would undoubtedly recast the role. Perhaps with a Denzel Washington or Will Smith. Someone with more dick power.

    So in that respect, Obama is unfortunately all too human.

    Ask a Zionist Jew off the record on what they really think of Obama, and they likely think of him as someone who follows directions well. And moreover, a great little bobble head doll that looks cute on the dashboard. When given the opportunity to be a man amongst men, Obama chooses not to. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he did. In another words, he didn’t qualify for the loan.

    Obama and Woodrow Wilson
    In his Egypt speech at Cairo University, the symbiotic and operative connection to brown people and the implicit message to Israel (and conservative American Jews); you mess with these brown people, you’re messing with me.

    The president is not much for constancy. In a day and age when black American commentators like Cornell West and Travis Smiley have called out Obama on his lack of follow through and his love of all things white; which harkens back to his Harvard roots, it has become increasingly easy to now look upon Obama as a man of many faces that promises everything, but delivers rarely. In many respects, Obama is reminiscent of Woodrow Wilson. Absent however, the President’s fidelity to all things brown is at times paper thin.

    Wilson was the only US president to have a PhD. And although Obama does not have that terminal degree, his predilection for razor sharp articulation and intellect gets above average to excellent marks --- with or without a teleprompter. Both accelerated at international relations (Wilson was the brainchild for the United Nations, and its predecessor, the League of Nations), and Obama represents America abroad as earnest and with good intentions. But more so in form, rather than substance. Translated: He looks good in a suit.

    However sadly, Wilson, and soon to be Obama, failed to excel on the domestic front and showed a lack of aggressive (and ability) to make their mark holistically. Ultimately, neither had the testicle fortitude to bring home the bacon.

    This is especially so, in a day and age when world leaders take selfies at state funerals, such as Obama did, with Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK and Prime Minister Helle Schmidt of Denmark, at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. (A real cad, that Obama). One can only start to think that there are several character flaws that are deeply rooted to his decision making, maturity, narcissism, and lack of selfless-ness. (Craven coward, like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, if only he had the courage. A true paper lion).

    In the final calculus, Obama is both a blessing and curse to American diplomacy. Seemingly advancing it, but forgetting that to go forward requires two steps forward, and one step backwards ---- not vice versa.

    The Real Deal on Real Estate in the Land of Dust and Blood
    So what’s the real price of real estate in Palestine, and why should we care? To answer the second question first, we should care because it is likely on the right side of history not to build bombs as Americans that kill Palestinians, while simultaneously saying it’s sad they're being slaughtered.

    In terms of real cost, the real cost is to the American taxpayer, for whom their dollars will rebuild those apartment buildings just shredded to concrete dust. Who knew!
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