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    Posted August 9, 2014 by

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    Boeing 777 crash mystery (part 1)

    The Malaysian Federation has suffered two air tragedies one by one this year. The Malaysians haven't yet forgotten a grief from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 heavy loss as another catastrophe occurred. On July 17, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in far away Ukraine where combat operations between rebels and governmental forces started so inopportunely.
    According to the most widespread version Boeing­ 777 was shot down by a ground-to-air missile launched from SA-11 Buk anti-aircraft sytem, known as "Gadfly" in NATO. It's worth mentioning that the plane diverted its course for some indefinite reason not long before the crash leaving its assigned air corridor.
    The leadership of our country called for an objective investigation of the tragedy. International team of professionals is already working on the crash site. We need to have patience to wait for the results of all tests and examinations. Pity, but several countries spurred swift accusations. According to the US and the European leaders Moscow as well as pro-Russian rebels are to blame. "It is not an incident, not a disaster, but an act of terrorism," Ukrainian President Poroshenko stated surely just two hours after the tragedy. Pro-Russian rebels have no doubt that the Ukrainian armed forces were involved.
    As for me, I would like to analyze the situation objectively, look into the facts and evaluate arguments presented by the sides.
    US and EU arguments
    The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said on July 20 that the United States had irrefutable evidence that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by the Buk system provided to the Ukrainian rebels by the Russian Federation. That's rather strange that the head of the US foreign-policy refers to the data published in social networks while the US has the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/20/mh17-crash-kerry-evidence-pro-russia-separatists-responsibility)
    The US Administration held a special briefing due to this occasion. During the briefing some American intelligence representatives (whose names were concealed!) claimed that the airliner had been "mistakenly" shot down by rebels who apparently had mistaken it for a military aircraft. At the same time, they represented no any technical information that would have reinforced the conclusion of the US Administration. Intelligence officials admitted that their conclusions were based on radio interceptions by the Ukrainians and photos posted in different social networks.
    That's even more amusing given that American satellites as well Russian ones were over the territory of Ukraine at the very moment of the crash. The Russian Department of Defense suggested that the Americans should publish pictures taken by those satellites but the request went unheeded.
    Contrary to the US Administration public statements blaming Russia and pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine a number of American intelligence analysts suggested that the responsibility for the disaster lies mostly on the Ukrainian side. They insist Washington lacks the facts proving that Russia provided the rebels with the Buk air defense system.
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