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    Posted August 9, 2014 by
    Mesa, Arizona
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    Think outside the BOX


    Let me advance to our troops that I always felt they were sent into harm's way unfairly by a very irresponsible and integrity-challenged GW Bush administration.


    Of the many issues I have on this, is that troops could not always tell who their enemy was, until too late. This confusion gave the advantage to the enemy through the element of surprise. Without going into the details that are already known, I want to comment on the withdrawal from Iraq.


    Critics of president Obama will jump to say that it was premature to withdraw. Even I had reservations about that, however, now I think it works in our favor. Sometimes you get a much clearer picture if you step away, if you remove yourself, if you "hide" and watch from a safer distance.


    I say that the picture became much clearer. We can now see and observe the enemy, their movements and their resources.


    I think removing Saddam was the most naïve and mindless venture by any president in modern history. Saddam was keeping a cap on an incredibly explosive mix of factions and religions. He was a tyrant, but looks to me like we cannot go somewhere in the world and engineer changes that are not even understood by the population. His mistake was that he tried to annex more land in the 90s.


    Just now, as I write this I see on MSNBC that 71% of Americans think the Iraq war wasn't worth it. This implies that Americans have died at best for questionable reasons, and if you ask me, in vain.


    American taxpayers have been cleaned out by Halliburton, KBA and the rest of the no-bid contractor friends of Dick Cheney.


    Supporting the troops was a big motto, but empty at that, because they should not have been there in the first place. My personal support consisted of trying to prevent the war through protesting and later trying to stop it.

    President Obama has said, wars are a lot easier to start, than to end. I agree. Andhe inherited 2 wars, mind you. So true.


    Many in the military tend to support Republican candidates for office, yet the war was perpetrated by a reckless Republican administration and veteran's benefits were repeatedly voted down by Republican lawmakers. What's the love-affair? I don't get it.


    Let this be a wakeup call. Vote them out, you have no use for them.

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