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    Avon Park, Florida
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Russian Ukrainian War Not America's Affair

    Russian Ukrainian War Not America's Affair

    Ukraine wants to do business as a member of the European union and Russia thinks they are too close to their borders to have this economic freedom. They are the main transit route for Russia into Europe who gets over 40% of its oil from Russia. It seems the real solution is an economic partnership recognizing the need for this point of transit. Therefore America as the police of the world takes the lead in resolving Europe's interest. Whereby this is really about Russian/Ukrainian economics.

    Meanwhile we are over 100% our GDP in debt in $15 Trillion economy and running an annual deficit in our budgets, meaning while we pay the interest on our debt at about $385B annually, which is about 7% of our budget, we continue to borrow more reducing our spending abilities in the future unless we balance it out with more borrowing. Meaning more debt and higher interest payments. Understand this debt should have never exceeded 35% of our GDP.

    Meanwhile Israel is raising hell, whom controls the middle east oil, which is a substation of the United States or military base and no more. But understand it is Europe who imports 60% of that petroleum, while America gets 3% and China has a huge stake in Iraqi oil and are partner with Iraq. But America has to resolve this issue, while borrowing money from the exact people they are supposed to be helping.

    Why are we concerned with the European Unions oil or China's oil? What is our interest in Israel other than friendship and why are we bankrolling the resolution in Ukraine, when it is an economic issue of Russia/Ukraine and the European Union?

    Americans have falling asleep and will go for anything the media tells them these days. There should be war protests from coast to coast concerning America's positions in these wars, especially in the absence of China, Russia and the European Union at the lead.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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