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    If Apostle Paul Castellano Became an Enemy of the State

    If Apostle Paul Castellano Became an Enemy of the State

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    I know my timeline to the degree of what accomplishments must be made for me to fulfill my mission within the lifetime of mankind, being the promise is 70 years. Every great plan has gates based on (and/or) based on (if).

    The government will begin to compensate me in a timely manner, first by approving my service connected case, then verifying publicly the findings of my blood against the AIDS/HIV virus and how it fights it off, upgrade my third discharge, grant me a presidential pardon, fund my non profit organization with AIDS related research funding in the billions thru Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, compensate my children (Keba) as dependence since birth due and due to the nature of my duty to country make it lucrative and accept my offer to pay the national debt in full becoming the nations sole creditor now and in the future by constitutional law.

    You cannot decide the order and it all should happen quickly, but my VA service connection decision is the first decision that must be officially made. And a no answer will not receive an appeal but a decision based on (or), because it disrupts my timeline. Therefore I have to weigh what is my other options without government support or recognition. That answer will be based on something John J. Gotti told me that I said I did not want to do. Honestly, I thought he was trying to whack me. Though I believe I am protected against any intruder to include him, I am not sure if I am protected from myself. But I need to know is if this is true if they decide on the answer no.

    I was told that then I will place a gun to my head and try to kill myself, but the gun will not go off and then I will know for sure who I AM. If the government denies me this time, based on my timeline this has to be put to the test. Why? Because the rules to this mission was that "I could say anything I want to say as long as I do not act on it." But everything would be done by the law. Then when I announced the good news (we are the Zews, I am the King) I got Baker Act and now they are trying to silence me. I was ask how do you know all these things? then it was suggested to consider forgetting everything. I said maybe I am the matrix, but I rather suffer than believe the lie the world have been bamboozled into accepting as reality, whereby the world is one big fantasy. People kill everyday based on a foundation of lies. This is a lost world.

    I need to know my capabilities for sure to make my next move and I will never know until I attempt suicide by handgun. If I cannot die and I believe they know it and that is why they will never try to have me killed. I am unstoppable. If it comes to this due to a denial by the VA, which means the government never plans to settle with me. I will put John J. Gotti words to the test. If I die, he set me up and if not America is about to catch pure hell. Because on that day I will become judge and jury and take whatever I want whenever I want it, from whoever I want to take it from and kill anyone who gets in my way and have killed whoever I please and hope someone comes to try and stop me. If I die, I will just be one more stupid nigger who will soon be forgotten but gladly out of his misery. My sister Egeria promised my death is peaceful, she died and came back to tell us about death. I believe that is what she wanted. As for me they can burn my body! I personally do not want death, but I demand death before dishonor. That is the code of a true leader.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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