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    Posted August 10, 2014 by

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    National Media Report – total flop of UN, INGO initiative in CHT, Bangladesh


    Executive Director
    Leitner Center


    Dear Madam
    Greetings. Long gap. Hope you are fine and busy with your work. And all of your colleagues and person related to you in developed country - people are busy. We third world people are in relaxed and no work. Just try to ponder how much time exploited from third world people in the name of development, human rights, poverty alleviation, disaster reduction, community development etc etc and totality is very very big zero. I am not sure how person like you justify the rights of we under develop country people.


    Till today I am waiting for the photo taken May 12, 2014. I am also waiting to get the developed country people informed, their thinking for the development of third world or global community – still there is enough scope to be rearranged. Need changes in their thinking, practicing and working. August 07, 2014 there is report in national media on development activities of UN bodies, INGOs, National NGOs and Local NGOs in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Report reveal that last 15/17 years work is total flop other than creating a false/cosmetic aristocratic class among the tribal people with High Salary that seriously hamper the beauty of tribal people.


    This development initiative damaged the beauty of tribal culture honesty, morality, sincerity, simplicity. So called development activities damaged the scope of build the Powerful Peoples’ Platform/Voice against any corruption, anomaly, disparity etc etc. By 15/17 years process educated tribal youth force exiled from own culture, values, belief. Is it development? Is it called rights upholding.


    In my last letter July 18, 2014 we discussed our youth getting a certificate, working for corporation being separated from ethics, morality, simplicity, sincerity, civility. In case so called of development services by the NGOs and their donor, different missionaries are same. If you look at the salary structure of Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh will see ---- person from same place, same education institution’s educated, same quality, capability but salary is 1:10/12/15/20. I think being a Human Rights lover we cannot support it. And being preacher of Human Rights could you file a suit there for this salary disparity that running UN body and other INGO following long back? Please let me know, if you are not I will keep it in stock for the next generation they will make/take their decision.


    How it happened? Do you think that people here in decision making in Bangladesh UN body couldn’t understand that? Experts opine they do understand everything. They haven’t come here for our development. Donor/UN/INGO person come here to create a new class, dichotomy, disharmony in the society. They give someone more money in the name of salary and having this some people loss their conscience, separated from ethics, morality, simplicity, sincerity, civility and do according to their master’s demand. And that doing or performance not fair for the respective society. Is it called development and rights upholding of tribal people?


    The very process is the creation of disharmony in the society and creation of submissive group in favor of own interest. I am not sure how you and person of conscience could justify this sort of development activities and initiative where 80% of budget exhausted office expenses or working person ease and comfort.


    Dear madam I like to work with you and some other people in your country those who hope for the better – best for our next generation. I am sure we shall overcome, build a corruption and consumption slavery free societ. I do hope we will offer better earth to our next generation that we have borrowed from them.


    Hope the best, mush love.


    NB. Who will shoulder the responsibility of
    o Time taken from the poorer
    o Resource abused in the name development
    o Creation of new class in society
    o Damaging the beauty of tribal culture
    o Finally Social disharmony
    o Mental stress of different type of victim for the so called development

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