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    Posted August 11, 2014 by
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    New mom loses baby weight in 4 months


    Like so many others, I was once obsessed with losing weight. I suffered from yo-yo dieting and binge-eating. I tried practically every diet out there from Weight Watchers to Atkins to dieting pills, etc. I would always lose the weight and then shortly gain it back. My weight constantly fluctuated; up 10 pounds then down 10 pounds; up 30 pounds then down 30 pounds; and so on for about ten years. It was only when I reached a point of "diet enlightenment" — a complete change in how I looked at food and approached dieting — that I finally discovered the key to keeping the weight off for good. Recently, I was able to put my techniques to the test again when I gained the recommended 25 pounds of pregnancy weight and then lost it all within the first four months.


    About five years ago, I had figured out the key to easy weight loss and realized why the majority of people fail. I found that the multibillion-dollar dieting industry is wrought with misinformation and misconceptions. I also made some insightful observations about 'naturally thin people' and realized that they were all doing something that most dieters lacked. Not only did I lose the weight easily, but keeping it off was almost effortless — even after having a baby. I decided to write the book Diet Enlightenment because I knew I had to share this knowledge with anyone who has ever struggled with weight loss.


    Most people are brainwashed by the dieting industry into believing that if you are not thin, it’s because you weren’t born with a great metabolism, you don’t eat healthy enough, you don’t exercise enough, you don’t have a strong enough willpower, and so on. But, this simply isn’t the case – there is an enlightened way to lose weight and anyone can do it. The truth is you don’t need to sacrifice the food you love or go hungry in order to be thin. You can have your favorite food and have you ideal shape if you know how to lose weight the right way.


    My book explores the secrets that the multibillion-dollar dieting industry doesn’t want dieters to know, and teaches readers how to lose weight easily and permanently without giving up their favorite foods. Diet Enlightenment is not a book that offers the latest diet fad. Instead, it offers a modern spin on calorie counting, and equips readers with techniques that are easily adaptable. Additionally, it helps readers learn how to get the most for their calories, how to listen to their body, and how to free themselves from the bondage of emotional eating. Having struggled with binge-eating and emotional eating myself, overcoming this was a major part of achieving diet enlightenment.


    The biggest advantage of this program is that unlike other diets, you will stay slim for life since you lose the weight in a way that programs you for long-term success. So far, those who have adopted my program including my father — a Neuropsychologist at Weill-Cornell Medical College who lost close to 50 pounds — have been able to lose and maintain their desired weight with ease.


    People are really surprised at how easy weight loss can be when they know to diet efficiently. Most people that try to lose weight are fighting an uphill battle because they are pursuing diets that are not built to help them keep the weight off long-term. So they either struggle to lose weight or then lose weight and shortly gain it back. The diet enlightenment approach takes creativity, enthusiasm, attention-to-detail and planning, but it doesn't really require that much willpower.


    Shortly after I had my son in October, I came across an article about Maria Kang the "What's Your Excuse?" mom who posed with her three young kids -- essentially asking other Moms what their excuse was for not being thin. I decided to continue the conversation by posing for my own photo with my 8-month old son to which I say "My excuse was a multibillion-dollar dieting industry that wanted me to fail." I'm trying to spread the message to dieters (especially new moms) that the multibillion-dollar dieting industry is the problem, not you.  If I can do it, anyone can do it. They just need the right knowledge, and an eating philosophy that they can stick to for life.


    Diet Enlightenment is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. You can also learn more by visiting www.dietenlightenment.com and www.facebook.com/DietEnlightenment.

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