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    Posted August 12, 2014 by
    Yukon, Oklahoma
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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     When Robin Williams came to Oklahoma City during his Weapons of Self-Destruction tour in 2009, Dan McMaster went backstage with his VIP pass and got to meet the star. McMaster had his picture taken with Williams, who also autographed a photo for him. “I told him that I have waited 30 years for this moment and that it was an honor. This look came over his face like that comment had really touched him,” said the 42-year-old. When McMaster looked at his backstage pass, he noticed Williams had signed it, “Dan, an honor for me too, Robin.”

    “I am really, really torn up. It’s been really hard,” McMaster said. “You don’t realize what somebody like that has meant to you until they’re gone.”
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    Today I  awoke to a world a little colder, more gray and less magical. Today I  was forced to accept my childhood was gone because yesterday was the day  Peter Pan died.


    From my earliest memories I can  recall the laughter and wonderment at watching a crazy alien from Ork  turn the lives of a simple Milwaukee family upside down. Later, that  same quirky alien made his home in Boulder Colorado and in living rooms  across the country. Making us laugh and sometimes cry all the while  being drawn to his childlike wonderment at the world around him.


    This  was only the beginning - later that same alien embarked on a journey  that would bring us a Genie, a Doctor/Clown, a hilarious old woman and  many many other wonderful, hilarious and even dramatic characters. I was  always in awe of Robin Williams and his ability to turn any phrase or  situation into an hour or more of the funniest things I'd ever heard.  His amazing mind, comedic timing and ability to turn on a dime and be  more profound and deep then anyone could imagine. He was my idol and in  some small manner, my friend.


    Years later when I  was granted the miracle of finally meeting him, the energy radiating  from him was almost palpable. Here was the man I had idolized for 30 yrs  that I knew was bigger then life and a colossus, standing a mere 5'6"  (2 inches shorter then me) and just as calm and gentle as someone you'd  just met in church. I'll never forget the few short minutes I was provided  to put my arm around my idol and finally be able to tell him how I had  waited 30yrs for that moment and what a true honor it really was. How he  seemed genuinely touched and wrote on an 8x10 of himself what an honor  it was for him as well.


    Peter Pan is gone now, Neverland is silent....the Genie and all his infinite wishes lost to the sands of time.


    Goodbye  Robin .... you'll never know the multitude of the lives you touched,  the children you raised or the tears that are now shed for having lost  such a wonderful gift of laughter.

    I meant to add these to my original ireport. Here is the pic of Robin and I in 2009 and the photo's of the photo he signed and the backstage pass. After telling him what an honor it was to meet him, he wrote on the VIP pass: "To Dan: An honor for me too. ~ Robin Williams"


    God speed Robin - You are missed beyond words.

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