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    In Memoriam

    We are everywhere

    We are everywhere. You stand behind us in line at the supermarket. We sell you a beautiful novel at the bookshop. We are your neighbor. You sit next to us on the bus. We are people like Robin Williams and you wouldn’t think it when you look at us, but we are in pain. You don’t see it, because we function. We do our utmost in a world that does not really tolerate us. A world that is scared of us. You’re startled when you hear how we use a belt and a closet door to choose an ending, because you never expected us to.
    That ending could have gone different. More beautiful. Fair. In society we focus on suicide prevention in a heartbeat, but for many of us that is not the solution. We cannot always be helped. Time does not heal our wound, but makes them deeper and raw. You don’t understand us and we understand that because we don’t understand ourselves. We function and if we are lucky we don’t constantly have to fight our own limitation. Then we might even have success. But we don’t live wholeheartedly. There is something there that just makes it impossible.
    Maybe there will come a time when we know what that thing is, but it is up to us whether or not we are willing and able to wait for it. We prefer to do it differently. Not with a belt and a closet door. One professional says that we took our time thinking about that method and another says we didn’t. That’s not what it’s about. What’s important is that we did it because we wanted to. We just don’t always see other options. So talking about suicide prevention does not help. We are helped with a good conversation, weighing possibilities and… if we don’t feel there is adequate help for us… a worthy ending. Quality and quantity are two totally different things. Get to know us. We are your cousin or your granddaughter. We are your bus driver or your comedian. We are everywhere.
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