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    On Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 20.00 GMT [=London time] VULCANICUS will open first time for the public in Hypergrid. “That´s one small step for an Avatar, one giant leap for virtual worlds.” [THE END: This World Counting Down, rez Magazine August, 2014, page 34].

    For this giant leap you just have to join the HG safari in opensim.


    “The fruits of labor spread across almost three years have been richly rewarded” [adopted words by Torley Linden on the giant leap from SL sim to IBM sim]. You shall get on this tour to the Volcano of Art the free avatar Lemoso [full perm], donated by AJ Warth and the installation “DIG YOUR UNIVERSE” [copy, mod] where you find THE BLUE ELEPHANT next to the PYRAMID hidden in the sand. But just on August 13, 2014 between 21.50 GMT and 22.05 GMT. 15 minutes not longer. Why this?


    In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes [Andy Warhol]. That’s the rule: 15 minutes long is your time slice to get your gift as a visitor of VULCANICUS.


    Read about THE BLUE ELEPHANT in rez Magazine, May 2014 to know how important your trip may become for your success as an artist. In late September there will be THE KNOWING ceremony. Design a capsule for the Volcano of Art. Write a message to be placed inside. The server is prepaid for nearly 100 years to be kept in a frozen state. Reopenings happen on special occasions at The Santorini Bienniale in 2016, at Bremer Kunsthalle, at […] and in 10, 20, 25, 50, 97 years.


    Create an avatar via Metropolis grid and send Thirza Ember [on facebook], Wizard Gynoid, Wizardoz Chrome, Fuschia Nightfire or Sandi Safari an IM to get the landmark to teleport to RIFT HORIZON where the tour to the Volcano of Art starts.


    Open daily 24/7.


    [ get the picture in bigger size at http://i.imgur.com/V5LzfpG.png ]


    Time for an update [August 14]. These gridnauts made it: Wizardoz Chrome, Master Player, Qnav What, Chance Prim, Cherry Manga, SSM2017 Binder, Gill Beaumont, Max Chatnoir, Snowbody Cortes, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Mal Burns, Wizard Gynoid, Serene Jewell, Art Blue, Fuschia Nightfire, Nara Mistwood, Mercalia Beck [and some more]. Unluckily the server had problems with the voice stream so not everyone heared the prerecorded  welcome message. There will be a second visit when Vulcanicus gets a backup on a new server.

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