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    Posted August 13, 2014 by
    Greensboro, North Carolina
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    Blind Justice

    Once again police at its best I support the people in Ferguson and there unity. It's tough to sit here and watch all this take shape. Question this is what's bothering me. Was the police that shot the young man a local police? It's strange that no one from the streets know who this cop is. Most people that live in a community know most of the cops that patrol their streets. Strange no one knows the cop that killed that young man. People of Ferguson tell all them so-called black leaders to either be with you %100 or go the hell home. Young people ask to speak with the chief of police with the FBI present. Have a spoke person speak for you that is part of the community. If people are not from you community that is trying to loot and steal tell them to go home. As a filmmaker, writer and activist I make films write articles and fight to support people or organizations that’s about doing the right thing. I'm also about pointing out the wrong other do from the stand point of abusing your authority. The Good, The bad, and The Ugly were finally exposed and came to a head in a small suburban community.

    The Good this senseless murder was seen by too many people for there to be any cover up, The Bad a good young black man was killed for nothing. The Ugly good people will be victims because some stupid ass cop showed his true color. Why does it take for Black people to have to show some type of force to get the Government to step in? It happen the sixties, the seventies and it’s happening now. This should be wakeup call but in all reality these stupid ass cops are probably waiting for something big to jump off so they can justify the killing of black men and the beating of black women. For once in his life your President needs to speak on these white brutes disrespect of Black people. Question of the day? If black cops were doing this to white people how would America react to this? As violent as they say we are why is it we’re the ones being victimized all the time? The solution to this has started in Ferguson and it’s not the proper solution but people are getting fed up with this do as I say or I will kill you mentality from the Klan in blue.

    As much as I loved Robin Williams. I don't have much time to morn this great man. I loved him as a comedian and wish his family all the best, but the focus now should be on Ferguson. Let's see how the media plays this out. You cannot clean this up at all. A crime was committed and the murderer must pay for his crime. The bottom line is no matter how you look at it the cop killed a man in cold blood. There is no Justification for this cops action. Choke hold was called a homicide cop sitting home with pay. Cop kills young man sitting home with pay. I wonder has conviction set in on them yet. If them two fools believe in God conviction is beating them up right now, but if they do not who knows what they are thinking. You can best believe those in there corner has them thinking they will get off. To the people of Ferguson black and white you need to make it a point to ask for swift justice on this case and this is the reason. This will not blow over. The more they stretch it out the more people will grow leary of the process and when they justify his not being guilty all hell is going to break lose. We cannot let this separate people in America like the OJ trial did. So my suggestion to the police and the city official of Ferguson give this cop his just due by sending him to jail.

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