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    Posted August 13, 2014 by
    Saint Louis, Missouri
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    Insignificant in St. Louis

    It's hard to make it in St. Louis, Missouri. It just is. And many of us who are 'from' St. Louis are 'from St. Louis' for a reason. Even with college educations, work ethics and desire, it's hard to 'come up.' And it's not just others/folks who look different who make it hard. It's people who look you in the face, who look like your own face, who don't necessarily embrace one another or help. We know it. Most have just accepted it. Yep, it's crabs in the barrel mentality too. That's not okay. We do have new choices.

    There is light all around us. Give children guidance, hope and fair treatment - teaching them the way they should go - and stand up for them. They deserve quality education, life skills, love, good jobs/legal ways to build fortunes, good examples and people who respect them enough to listen and protect them....unfortunately, Michael Brown's family will no longer get to enjoy time with him or walks in the park like us, two days after the police shooting.

    Yes, there are a lot of good things and good people in STL - and there is a lot of segregation and political puppetry as well. This IS a time to pray AND a time for STL citizens to address the economic, educational and racial disparities. So called leaders have known what's happening for a long time - and it's not been in their best interests to do anything about it.

    Today, we need to focus on what really happened with the shooting and why it happened, and prevent it from happening again. And we need to empower anyone who wants it with tools and opportunities for success. There is anger inside us all but allowing people -a few people to act like idiotic fools - perhaps to justify/obscure the real problems is not okay.

    Accredited schools, professional training and actual work opportunities, along with confidence, mutual respect and experienced leadership who actually cares are steps. Changing attitudes is extremely important - if you look at the feedback feeds on KMOV and KSDK, local TV stations, and other media outlets you will see awful, awful comments which are racially charged. It's so sad. It's just how it's been in STL. It just is. Now, moving forward, let's see what we can do together to uncover, discover and recover for tomorrow. It's gonna take work. It's gonna take effort. It's gonna take getting off of political and social agendas. It's gonna take getting off ego trips, judgement and embarrassment. It's gonna take action, integrity, fairness, opportunities and working together - for real.

    Picnicking in the park is a right we should all have. I am grateful to be able to do so with my little niece, 2 days after Michael Brown lost his life, and 3 days before she gets to start school. Everyone deserves it.
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