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    10 Reasons to stay away from negative people


    We all know for how long we may stay attached to some people. People sometimes change, above all if they’re being in a bad period, maybe they've just lost their job, they can’t see a moment of happiness in their life and they’re being negative. After a while, we may notice that being attached to some negative people, ergo those who tell you every bad thing that happens in their life, or in the world, may influence your life in a very negative way. They are unhealthy for our life and goals. If you’re happy for doing something that gives you a good sensation or feeling, when it comes to listen to that friend who has had a bad day and she/he wants to tell you everything about it, that is the moment which ruins your good feeling gained in the moment before. Try to think if this happened every day … won’t it become unhealthy for you and for your day? Negativity may bring you down, it may stop you from reaching your goals and slow your activities. Why does it have to happen? Yes, bad things happen every day and to anyone, but most people have learnt how to not feel sorry for themselves, they’ve learnt how to keep pursuing their goals even if they’re living a bad moment.


    So let’s sum up the reasons why we should stay away from negative people:


    1) Negative people can ruin your day just with a text or a message on a social network;


    2) They may tell you negative phrases in order to bring you down: “it’s impossible”, “you can’t do that”, “I don’t think you’ll ever be able to do that”;


    3) They actually bring negative feelings into your life and you feel like you can’t reach any goal;


    4) If you want to watch the news and see what happens in the world, ok fine, but know that, those negative people you’re being with, those are your second version of the news, they may keep repeating you those bad things happened. Also, they may be paranoid because they think that the same thing may happen to them and so they just keep repeating “we are all screwed!”;


    5) Don’t think you can stay away just from them just for a moment, because they’ll keep coming after you, because you’re their vent now, they need to vent their problems to someone;


    6) If you have a good motivation to keep going with your goals, they’ll tell you it’s simply invalid;


    7) Do you want to tell someone how beautiful your day was? Don’t expect a positive answer from them, they’ll reply you with a negative one;


    8) Negative people simply don’t have long-term goals, they’re already happy if they’ve reached the end of the day;


    9) They just keep complaining about everything and seek your support;


    10) If you’re looking for some good ideas or support, don’t count on them.


    So, do you want to keep having this kind of people in your life?


    Well, it’s up to you!

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